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i drew this GLaDOS what do you think? +GLaDOS 

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walks into a question booth, writing in bear blood :) Zhanna is looking for job. I am looking for administrative job involving: Destruction, pain, murder, and over watching. crushes the blood pen I write with when I finish, and I sit on a chair Big robot is taking too long..

[Breens' introduction]
working monitors through out the facility glitch and waver, and an older man is on the monitor, a label on the top states "BREENCAST". The man clears his throat and starts his sentence with enthusiasm, putting his hands together. Well hello Aperture Sciences! I am sure you know..during all of your fun the earth has been well over taken by our Benefactors, the Combine. Everything is under control. I, Wallace Breen, original Administrator and head of Black Mesa has been set as Consul of the earth. Finding Aperture wasn't hard, as you should know your facility is quite anything but a secret. Michigan, what a nice state. he coughs I have decided to come to this facility, and I am awaiting outside the Enrichment Center parking lot in a hunter Chopper. The current head of this facility, GLaDOS or some stupid ball, would you care to let me in?

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walks into test chamber, ravaged by war with anti-Isabel Kabra propaganda so this is what happend since i left...

I remember this place! 

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Portal 3 (Help me with the rest!):

*After an ordinary day of testing, GLaDOS ponders over what to test next.
As she is about to re-assemble Blu and
Orange for the quadrillionth time, the security cameras pick up a door to the surface opening on sector C-38A.
A squad of soldiers pry open the door, and look around.
"Shouldn't this place be abandoned?" One asked.
"Beats me." The other replied.
Suddenly, a portal opened beneath their feet into the central AI chamber.
"My god... What is that?" a soldier gasped.
"Oh. I have company." GLaDOS jeered.
"Uh... Ermm," A soldier stepped forward."Have you ever heard of Black Mesa?"
GLaDOS recoiled.
"What do you want from me?" She hissed.
"We're here to offer a proposition. Help us rid Earth of the Resistance, and we'll give you this continent." One of the soldiers said.
"The Resistance?" GLaDOS questioned.
The leader of the soldiers explained the Black Mesa incident and what it caused.
"So, you—the Combine, are against Mesa?" GLaDOS asked.
"Right." They confirmed.
"I'll do it." She said, as she flooded the room with neurotoxin.*

why is this community is so dead? just a question.
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