In the last time there are problems with the accu. I loaded at 100% and 3 hours later the watch is empty. First I think there is a app that's unloaded the accu fast but there is no one

I usually use Zenfit on my watch to count steps, but recently I set up Google fit and compare the results in both apps. Surprisingly they differ a lot, sometimes by over 150 steps, and the Google is always the higher one. Anyone else noticed this and what causes it? They both use the same sensors.

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2.8 is here! But only kind-of..

Because there is nothing more to talk about z3 is history.

This group has been quiet for a while.

Something is up with my watch. It's battery was going haywire, not lasting a day and randomly dropping 20% battery. I tried doing a reset and now it won't successfully set-up. I can pair it, it starts setup, checks for updates and then just sits on " setting up watch" this can take a few minutes.
Twice its timed out now after an hour or so.

Not sure what to do.

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There we go again.. Lets hope Asus will get to us a little bit faster.. 🤞
Android Oreo roll out to Android Wear is starting today
Timing is determined by each watch’s manufacturer.

Improvements include:
🌟Notification vibration strength setting
🌟Touch lock option for wet conditions
🌟Support for 7 new countries / languages
🌟Plus more e.g. notification channels, battery saving background limits

Until next time! 😎⌚️

I am wondering what is the best, surest and easiest way to stop and disable all the android wear 2.0 update notifications and stop and disable the watch from downloading android wear 2.0 ?
I really want to stay with Android Wear 1.5 but I don't want the update notifications and the watch downloading the 2.0 update wasting a lot of space on the watch's internal sdcard.

Thanks, have a great day everyone!

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