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We are happy to announce, that from now on it is not required to join this community to participate in the beta testing process. Just follow this "" link, click "Become a Beta Tester" button on the next page and wait for an update from Google Play Store ( But we'll, as always, appreciate your feedback in this community.

Stay tuned for the next significant update!

Here is a good idea for Wakie have a friendslist. And video chat and. Change chat color bubbles and backgrounds block list also. Go live streaming to get diamonds. If you get up to 100 diamonds you win a gift card

Manchmal schlagen die verbindungen fehl.

Ist es möglich noch weniger daten für anrufe zu verbrauchen?

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Hello everyone!

We've just pushed the new beta 3.4.0 to Play Store. It will be available for update in a few hours.

Release notes:
- Updated dialer UI to show actual remaining time
- Fixed bug with not being able to click on posts/comments with links
- Added missing countries' flags and cleaned up all countries' names
- Supported application icon badges on devices from Samsung, Sony, HTC, etc.
- Added option to unsubscribe from all notifications related to post from its menu

Hi, I have been invited to test the app but never recieved an update. Then i relised my email is different for the walkie app then the play store. Is there any way to get the test version on my phome? 

I sometimes report posts/peoples when I don't want to...
Is it possible to get awarning if you press on report?

I think, it would be nice if the amount of posts also would be shown in the user-overvieww.

The time has come to make the next significant update for Android! Wakie 3.3.0 has been released to beta. We heavily reworked our VoIP part: 
— сalls should now be established twice faster
— improved quality of calls, top-quality audio codecs were added
— possible problems with audio records are gone
As an added bonus downloadable app size reduced by 2.5 Mb.

Try it out and share your feedback, your opinion counts!

Has the testing of Wakie been suspended? Or Are you guys still testing this app or any other app?
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