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You can start a Hangout with me from the linked address.
You can ask me to schedule Hangouts On Air with you and anyone else on any topic, because, when people talk, they get along better and achieve more.
I want to make it easy to join many talks over the Internet.
Besides, my team offer a similar communication service:

To start a Hangout with any other Google Plus user, either install this Chrome extension ( or
1. Go the their profile page and copy their numerical profile ID (the last part of the profile's Web address) from the URL field of that browser page.
If you see an alphabetical ID in this field, go to the user's first post, open the context menu of their name, and press "Copy link address". That address includes the ID.
2. Press the following incomplete address:
3. Paste the user's numerical ID at the end of this address.
4. Go to the address you have just created.
You can write a person if you are in a group to whom they allow it. Up to 150 people can write in a Hangout, up to 30 people can talk in a Hangout (On Air).
You can name Hangouts. You must name Hangouts On Air.

We date e.g. the messages in our data management program. Please indicate in this form how you find it easy to read dates:

We would name our communication application Commun. This is the stem of the Latin word that means both common and sociable. We invite you to live your sociability and discover what you have in common with those with whom you are going to build the rest of your life.
We are going to create an encyclopedia, too, and we would name it Mundo, Latin for: to the world. We want to give the world information of higher quality, presented with exhilarating beauty and meant to be truly useful.
You can browse our site ( and also talk with me, and then let us know what names you prefer for this project and these services:

We have written the first version of the service agreement we conclude with the users of our services. What will you write / tell us in this regard?

We are going to communicate and work so that illegal communication becomes improbable. But how should we act when it's a fact?

We give most of the users' money to service providers.
We ask users how much you want to pay on average for one hour of service and service providers how much you want to be paid.
In the following form you can both choose an amount and write an amount.
It seems that the average pay amounts to USD 5 around the world.
Some programmers ask for USD 30 per hour and some designers USD 40.
We provide very good services and are going to help both groups reach agreements.

We are hiring communicators who master English.
Our communicators communicate with the users of our services e.g. about how to shape these services so that the users achieve their goals better and faster.
We pay a share of the users' money.
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