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Kinesthetic pacing and leading with EFT... If the person is very stressed or agitated, begin tapping at a faster pace as you suggest to the client to match you. After a 2-3 rounds, begin slowing the pace down, The client will match the slower speed, and this helps in the de-stressing aspect of the tapping.

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I would like to invite everyone to visit my website at I have tons of EFT VIDEOS . I am going to have a free tapping session who would like to join? Let me know what would be a good time we should do one. :)

Today's Mind Optimizer...Garbage in, garbage out. So be careful on what you allow in to your mind. Remember, the agenda of the news and media is to agitate, limit your exposure. Read material that will help change your focus, associate with uplifting people and messages. There is a lot of talk of hate these days. Hate is an inside job, one common to all extreme sides. If you fill your mind with and focus on the good and the positive, there isn't room for anything else.

You do realize, of course, most limitations are just smoke. They are self-created. Oh, the a-ha moment when that smoke clears and you see your goal clearly, without limitations!

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Today's Mind Optimizer...Anger often comes from a value violation. For example, if you have a highly valued criteria which says "Things must be my way", then any perceived violation of that will create anger. A valuable exercise is to brainstorm your beliefs and values about circumstances that often create anger. BONUS: Did you miss my 5 day Facebook LIVE series on Mind Optimization? DON'T WORRY! They are all on my YouTube channel:

Interesting...while tapping there were moments I could feel constriction in one chakra or another as I followed aspects to tap. Id immediately change gears and tap on that constriction. Amazing shifts.

Even when doing EFT on yourself, you should get out of the way. Let the subconscious drive, it's totally worth it!

Today's Mind Optimizer... Events from our past effect us to the degree our internal timelines perceive them. In other words, if our timeline regarding an event "collapses", then the past is here, now. So putting distance and stretching the timeline will help put the past back to proper perspective.

Reality is created from the inside out, not the other way around. Unfortunately, we have been conditioned to think in the latter way. Effective tools such as EFT can reveal and disconnect any unhelpful programs you may be running in mind.
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