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Number one fear is roaches

Looking for an obedient female slaves that is good with breathplay and asphyxiation rp scenarios and doesn't mind my other fetishes

Fetishes: Fetishes:

Male furry looking for a mistress.

Any girls looking for a mistress

I need a dominant owner, furry male or female. Im a 17 year old furry male and i will obey my owner :) my kik is furryboy47

What's the profile layout?

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Sub Bi M Wolf
I'm looking for a Mistress or Master
I love pegging, domination, anal, Anything Dirty
Kik: CKJ1109

Trannysissysecretary seeking a sadocouple.

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Walks around in a strip club and you come in and see my and you were shocked you really wanted me and you called me over and i came and then you

I'm normally not do what would you say a bad girl but something set off my inner demon to the point where I looked like a raging Beast. In a small little keep particles spread my wings but I didn't care I broke through my change through the bars started reading my heading wherever I went but sadly the shopkeepers and overseers caught me again.Now I'm put in a cage that's ten times as strong as the last one but I think to myself nothing can keep me from my freedom. As this happens you ask “how much for the dog” but the seller said “sorry but she's not for sale she will be killed in the morning.” “I will pay whatever you want just don’t kill her” you say in a flat tone; as i wonder why just why would she save me?........(dominant female plz)
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