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Smurf the Earth is back! Sign up!

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Follow up to my last post on gathering interest:

The campaign for the Agents for Fighting Cancer Charity Challenge Coin has been launched!

Last year's coin for the Autistic Self Advocacy Network came out beautifully, and was generally a huge success.

If you would like this year's collectible challenge coin, as well as sleep soundly knowing that you've contributed to a fantastic cause, you can pledge here!

100% of the proceeds will go straight to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, and if we don't meet the fundraising goal you won't be charged, so there's NO RISK.

Please feel free to share this around!

Thanks so much for your continued generosity.

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We would love to welcome you to beautiful Portland, Oregon for the anomaly!


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See miles and miles of Texas. Participate in the Arlington Texas Mission Day event. Don't miss it!
June, 17th, 2017. This is 1Moose for The Resistance Daily Blues Centerfield Everywhere. That's up to the minute.

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Smurf the Earth starts in 20 days! Have you signed up for The Grid yet? If not, you need to! Go to and submit your application. Once you've done so, ping your state coordinators to let us know so that we can get your application approved ASAP ... this is going to be an AMAZING competition, let's turn the world blue!

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Be part of something big.

Wondering if it's possible to get the Resistance Navy badge in a car magnet ? We have some agents up here in Long Island sound who are kickass!

Hello team mates, Just checking in with everyone, I will be back in Louisiana. I got the phone call no one wants to get this morning. My dad passed away at 3am CST. If I find myself back in New Orleans during my stay I will Comm you guys up

Much Loves
Seattle R16 agent

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In 17 days, on November 12, the primary event and finale to the 2016 year of Ingress anomalies, Via Noir, will be in New Orleans. All eyes will be on the Resistance in the Crescent City as we battle to end the year with a glorious Resistance victory.

The MOST experienced and dedicated team in the worldwide history of Ingress anomaly planning has been working nonstop to bring you the BEST anomaly experience ever.

In 2014, we brought you an enduring shirt design from Ralph Uy and a lovable patch from Alexa Mayer that forever raised the bar on anomaly swag. In 2015, our RobWear Gris Gris Bags entered the Handmade Crafting Zone where few anomalies have dared to thread (yes it’s intentional, bear with me). And our Mimosa Day started a new tradition of hospitality and charitable giving for Mission Days.

In 2016, Narumi Fox has helped us bring to life our mascot Baron Samedi as he’s never been seen before, along with Invader rewards to recognize whole communities for their hard work fighting with us (literally on our backs), and Defender Rewards for agents who come back to Defend New Orleans over and over again (I’m getting goosebumps now). We’ll also be expanding our craft game with a Voodoo Doll customization station and printmaking at our events, parties and get-togethers.

We’re in the home stretch. Teams are built and agents are being added daily as registrations continue to come in. Information is in overdrive to prepare agents for the battle ahead. Blue Voodoo is playing to win.

There are still more people we want to share our work with. There are friends we haven’t yet made; new friends we can’t wait to share our historic city with. There are old friends from around the world we want to stand by our sides as we close out the fourth year of Ingress.

Join us. Win Via Noir for the Resistance. Experience an anomaly the way only Blue Voodoo can bring it to you. Defend NOLA. Invade NOLA. #makeNOLAblue

Suzy “WTF” Lopez
Molly “This Bitch” Oehmichen
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