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To all of my Nexus users who have purchased a Pixel or thinking about purchasing a Pixel. We’d love for you to join us in our sister community Google Pixel Central.

If you still use the Nexus 5/5x and thinking about making the leap to the Pixel, we’d love to have you here. We appreciate your memberships and want you to know that you can continue the “Central” experience if and when you decide to make the leap to the Pixel Phone.



I have problems with "Settings->Network & Internet->Mobile network->Advanced->Access Point Names" on my Nexus 5x running 8.1 stock (OPM1.171019.011): if under "APN type" I try to set the string "default,supl,dun" it return an error saying: "Carrier does not allow adding APNs of type dun".

If I remove "dun" and I leave only "default,supl" it accepts the changes, but the problem is that without "dun" you cannot use the phone as tethering if you want to share the internet connection.

Under the previous version of android (8.0) there was not such problem.

Anyone other have noticed this?

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Hello everyone, can someone pls tell me a grrat rom based on Android 8.1.0 for my nexus 5x supporting Substratum theming? Thx

I bought a Nexus 5X when it was release through B&H. I am having issues with the battery, and the sensor, which, include not turning off the screen while I am on a call. I sent the phone to LG, but they did not do anything at all. By now, what should I do with phone? Any other option? Or just put the phone in a drawer and move on.

Did someone notice in camera app, right after taking a picture, double tap to zoom image, it 5x,stock 8.1

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Can anyone explain why this is happenning and what should I do to fix this? Thank you!

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So if I'm running Android 8.1 on my phone Nexus 5x, i must install andromeda?

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4 years can make a huge difference in software and hardware development.
Well, well, well ..... Let's take a quick look at how for along has +Made by Google​​ has come since 2013.

The Nexus 5 was $399 for a 32GB model and Now the Pixel 2 XL 128GB IS $949.

The software experience has definitely come along way in all areas since Android KitKat to Android Oreo

This is a vision Google has had for many years and you can see they have been doing so by focusing on certain areas of the Android OS each year.

This Year Android Oreo has come a long way.

#Nexus5 #Pixel2XL #Kitkat #Oreo
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