Camilla sat on the lawn of the school. She had her laptop on her lap as she typed . She pushed a piece of her blond hair out of her face. She signed as she closed the laptop and placed it next to her. She layer Down and looked at the sky. She sighed when.

I'm having trouble accessing the profile requirements. Could I have some help?

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Name: Camilla Bondevik
Nickname: Cammy
Age: 14
House: Alicorn
Classes: Summoning, Illusions,Weapons
Bio: She grew up in Olso Norway with her mother and grandmother till she was taken at age 5 when some men kidnapped her from the park. She was used for human experimentation. Her brain was modified and they basically added chips,computer data and other things. She became smarter than what a normal child would be. She was made into a a tool for foreign governments for hacking and coding and such. She soon escaped and outwitted her "guardians". And found her way back to hee family who we're overjoyed. She was 12 when she got reunited with her family.
Likes: Electronics, books,social media,anime,
Dislikes: large crowds,bugs,
Personality: She is mostly quiet not really knowing what to say. She often gets annoyed when someone does something or says something really stupid.She may be seen as cold but she is actually very kind when you get to know her. She can tell when to or when not to speak depending on the mood of the situation. But when she is around people she is close to she can be very open and be sorta childish.
Place of birth:Norway 
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I like this group, but i think people should join it, even though it isn't active i want people to be active in it because i love rping!

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Student Profile
Name: Carmen Mignonette Grimaldi Renaldo Thermopolis
Age: 14
Gender: Female
House: Diamond dogs
Classes: Illusions, summoning, Elements
Year: 4
Position: Diamond dogs representative(if possible)
Clubs:the Academic Team
Likes: friends, family, tech, nature
Dislikes: fights, enemies, morning, waking up
Personality: Carmen is a total night owl. All her great ideas and energy appears at 9 pm, and ends at 2 am. She hates waking up, but has never teased,o r in any way been rude to anyone. She is a "popular cheerleader's" nightmare, since she is as beautiful as she is polite, and definitely has loads of friends. She hates to outshine a person, and always helps the unpopular and needy. She also LOVES adventure. Find her a outdoor activity, and she'll do it any time. Even if it means she has to wake up 5 am in the morning. She is the sweetest, funniest, and most cheerful friend you'll ever find. She's perfect for bringing smiles on your face when needed. She's tall, but bending to help others( meaning losing her popularity to help the unpopular) is no problem to her. She mostly likes her 2 best friends(not magical) Stacy and Megan. She is very sad to leave them, but still communicates through the Internet.
Bio: Carmen was 10 when she found out she had the talent of magic. She secretly took magic lessons with her dad, until 4 years later, he died, and no one was there to protect her from danger. She had to come here. She regretted leaving her friends, but it was necessary. She's not very new, as it's been a few months since she came here.
........She also has triplet rabbits: Cindy, Coco, and Nutmeg

(Is that is, +Gigi Cheng ?)
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After a tiring Saturday of exercise, Carmen went to the library to catch up on Elements.She took a book, and plopped down on a couch Controlling Elements requires great concentration and confidence. You must clear your mind to find the strength to control within you she murmured, then spoke a bit louder Huh, i always thought to control elements you need intelligence

Carmen was over with her dance practice. She looked out and saw it snowing heavily Sigh. Now I'll never be able to reach Diamond Dogs before nightfall. I'll try using fire elemental magic She concentrated, and made a tiny fire appear beneath her feet. She ventured out, and the fire melted the snow in front of her

How many clubs are there? We need to keep a list of them, please! It's hard to select the clubs you want to join if you don't know what clubs are there!

+Gigi Cheng +Amaterasu7 +Lucifer Ritter (sorry, couldn't tag +juneji )

+Gigi Cheng  mind if i invite some people?

any still around?
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