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My dearest apologies for no recent posts. The Young Master has had quite the time solving a recent case for Her Majesty. Considering the case solved, there shall be more posts to come. I thank you all for your patience, and please, feel free to post what you wish, but no spam. My Lord does not wish to send me and rid of those spammers. After all, I am simply one Hell of a Butler. Also, as my master requests, please put your post under the correct tab. Thank you.
~ Butler Sebastian Michaelis

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Earl Ciel Phantomhive

Birthday: December 14, 1875

Age:: 13

Message: Greetings, I am Earl Ciel Phantomhive, I am the head of Funtom Company for children and sweets. I carry along the role of my Father, Vincent, in the Underground. I am known as the "Queen's Watchdog" and "the Aristocrat of Evil" for those who know me well such as the Scotland Yard . I have a Butler by the name of Sebastian whom I made a contract with when I was 10 and lost my parents.I will forever protect my fiancee Elizabeth in times of peril for I keep her unaware and uninformed of the Underground. But of course, I have one hell of a Butler.
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~ All because of you... ~
Incredible AMV

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~Hello. How have you all been? My apologies for such absence. I finally got a new laptop so I shall be posting more often.~

~Alright everyone, can I ask you to not post spam, NOT POST SPAM ~

Baldroy: She said that twice...

Finny: She said that twice

Mey Rin: Twice she said it, she did!

~Thank you~

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~Hello, and welcome to the Roleplay Category. I have a few rules so bear with me:

1) All RP's are welcome {Clean, Dirty, etc.

2) No taking control of other Role Players OC's.  

3) No spamming at all.  

4) No violence towards other members that might be offensive or hurtful towards others.  

5) No taking control of others' characters 

    Example : Ciel ran through the forest as Sebastian took a hold of his waist and kissed him on hos lips  You cannot take control of yours and your partner's characters

  6) Have fun! :)
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