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!! Announcement Time !!

We are proudly honored to announce that Google has selected CineTrak as part of their Early Access program. This is such an achievement for us all on the team and so we extend our gratitude to our community who also helped us make CineTrak more fun and productive to use.

We look forward to provide our users with more and more features as time passes.

The team in turn would like to thank Google's Early Access team for their trust and support throughout the process. Their input has been extremely valuable to us and will definitely shape CineTrak into becoming a much more powerful product.

Finally, you can download CineTrak from:

For your comments, suggestions and feedback please do not hesitate to contact us.


A new CineTrak update is available on the Play Store fixing many crashes some of our users are facing.

Please contact us if you still have problems.

Discover the best #movies with CineTrak 🎬


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CineTrak is now featured on +Betabound ! Please let us know if you have any question. #movies #android !

Thank you, Obrigado, Gracias, Danke, Grazie, धन्यवाद, спасибо, Merci, Teşekkürler for all your feedback!

Change Log:

Lots of bug fixes and optimizations.

We noticed that some of our users are having frequent crashes so this update should address them.

Please contact us if you are still running into problems.

As always, enjoy the best #movies !

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Great news everyone!

CineTrak update is now live. We would like to thank you for your patience, support, and amazing feedback!

The changelog is as follows:

- The most requested features were related to managing user lists and providing simpler ways to add movies to the "watched list".
We added 2 new shortcuts to help you manage your "Watched List":
1) You can now mark movies as watched by tapping and holding any movie on the Discover screen
2) There is also no need to rate movies when adding to your watched list. You can easily swipe movies in the "My List" section and tap "OK". This will add the movie to the Watched List

- Navigation has been largely improved: You can access the navigation drawer from any screen by "swiping the left side of the screen" which allows you to jump to another section easily

- Movie Translations! Supporting over 10+ languages for movie names and synopsis

- More info displayed regarding movie release date

- New Content for Premium Users:

We have prepared lots of awesome new Curated Lists:

* Mind Bending movies that will blow your brains away
* Top "whodunit" movies: for fans of Mystery and Detective based stories
* Top Directors: We have carefully prepared a list of best directors with their movies. From Scorcese and Kubrick to Polinski and Kurosawa, the list will continuously be updated with the top award-winning directors. We are making it easy for our users to easily find movies for their favorite directors.
* Movies based on Loneliness
* The best dystopian and near future movies
* Top Conspiracy based movies
* BBC's 100 Greatest Films of the 21st Century

- Typos and UI enhancements

We are always listening to your feedback so please do not hesitate to contact us.

The CineTrak Team,

You can download CineTrak from:

#movies #android 

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Hello everyone,

We apologize for delaying the update.
We ran into an internal bug and we are currently working on resolving it so that your experience is not affected.

The update will be arriving very soon.

Thank you for your understanding and we will update you via a push notification once we go live.

Best Regards and keep enjoying those awesome movies

We have a huge update releasing on Thursday !
More details soon.. stay tuned :) #movies #android #CineTrak

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