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You are demon like Sebastian Michaelis.For years you have collected souls and devoured them.So it was after you devoured your last master/victim's soul you go searching for a new one.You find her with the blade of a dagger pressed to her throat by a tall man who means to kill her.Feeling her inner cry for anyone to help her.You kill the man and offer her a contract; the details of the contract are simple: your complete protection and loyalty for her soul once she turned 30 years old.You smile at her as you twirl the dagger that moments before was pressed to her throat and…..
1 you must give your name and contract symbol as well as a description
2 no abandoning the rp
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Name:AnnaBell fath
Description:Love anamils,gets mad when u push her the rong way she as two sides 1 side is good and loving 2nd side is evil she kills anyone that's In her way of her mission's.

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Fave sayings: life is a fucking lie so let my life be hell
likes: Sebastion, thinking of dieing,cuting herself, demons,and the idea for getting a contract to end her pain
:dislikes:living,rape,mean people,and talking about her dark past
:bio:Raven is a sad suicidal girl with a dark past full of pain and suffering who just wants a reason to live
dream: to die quietly and no longer be in pain or may a contract that will end her pain
(veiw pic below)
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Name: Jayden Hamato
Age: 20
Gender: female
Personality: interense, stubborn, angry, smart, fearless
Weapon: bow/ arrows
Allies: Sebastian, ciel
Hair: whispyish, blonde, straight
Eyes: blue
Armor: pics one and two
Class: high...? She doesn't dress like all other girls. She wears pants and a tightish shirt (for archery) she fights definitely not formal. At all
Bio: Jayden has always been a fighter. Sometimes, to much. She tends to destroy an obstacle course when angry. Jayden is the apprentice of the Lord of Locksley manor, who away at war, leaving her in charge. She was 14 when he left. She had been guided by the butler, Chester Leben.
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This is Jayden appearance without the wolf

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Helloooo~ Im new so to this little group thing.. So yeah...

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I'm trying to do a character profile thing.....I don't really know how this works but whatever

Name: Rosealynn (Rose-a-lynn)
Nickname: Rose, Rosie, or Lynn
Age: 16
likes: animals, helping others, and talking
dislikes: spiders, cleaning, any manual labor
gender: female 
Personality: Bubbly, nice, smart, funny....but she becomes very frail and scared when anything about her past comes up
Backstory: She was a young girl when her house was blown down in a village fire, she ran away to London, to try to start over in life. She was abused and raped on the streets. One day some "doctors" came and took her and started to experiment on her....for 7 years this went on. Rose was found in an abandoned hospital, she was being experimented on, she was given the ability to shape shift, and she was rescued and brought back to the Phantomhive manor and was given a job as a maid
In the picture imagine she has scars everywhere...from experiments

If I'm missing anything please tell me.......and anyone wanna rp with me? and I found this picture on google

Name: Lynn Livingston
Nickname: Lean
Servent name: suki
Backstory: tragic beating in an alleyway but saved by Sebastian and became a servant at the Phantomhive Manson
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