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Intui participated in the 52nd International Tourism Exhibition ITB Berlin 2018, which is considered to be the most important event in the industry, and, according to most experts, it reflects the most significant trends in tourism around the world.

In 2018, 10,000 exhibitors from 185 countries arrived to ITB, including the transfer team, which previously also participated in the ITB Berlin 2016. Compared to 2016, when Intui presented themselves at ITB Berlin for the first time, the 2018 exhibition provided company with at least 200 new contacts, partners and useful connections among airports, online travel agencies, meta-search systems, consolidators and transport companies from the US and Canada to Japan.

Intui presented an updated stand, which looked like a one-pager with each detail delivering useful information telling everything you need to know about the Intui product: The core lays in the unique product which helps clients search for transfers on any point on the map. All that is possible due to the Intui 1 API and more than 4,000 licensed transfer service providers in 145 countries and 37,965 cities all over the planet. Guests of the stand were interested in the product, many of them tested out the strengths and searched for weaknesses, asked questions about service coverage, server response speed and reliability of transport companies.

"Just in 1 day we received 3 times more contacts than in the year of 2016! Now, we are standing on a completely new grounds: 2 years ago we had to attract people, and now, there was even a line in front of the Intui stand, people felt curious and approached us. Moreover, many of them already knew about our product and were interested in further steps to our partnership. I was impressed by their immediate positive feedback and willingness to start cooperation here and now", - comments Ilya Balakhnichev, company CEO. Large companies such as Travelport, Kayak and Agoda also expressed their positive opinion on Intui product.

After receiving so many new contacts, Intui started signing agreements and integrating their services into partners’ platforms. The exhibition also allowed to establish contact with the largest transport companies, which made the Intui park even more reliable and convenient for customers around the world. The next target is ITB China in Shanghai.
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Top 3 extravagant festivals of May

1. Venice, Festa della Sensa, May 13

Would you like to take a look at the "Marriage of the Adriatic"? Then, book a flight to the enchanting Venice! You can also book your transfer in advance, so you are right in time for the festival!

Festa della Sensa is an ancient festival of the Ascension of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, during which the performance of the "Marriage of Venice with the Sea" takes place. Thousands of boats gather at 9:00 am at San Marco, then, they are headed to Lido di Venezia, where the Liturgy is held, and the festival continues: fairs, performances of local artists, markets with unique and rare pieces. The celebration ends with a stunning fireworks display.

2. Hong Kong, Chung Chao Ban, May 19-23

Festival of buns: seems like such an unusual event can only happen in a dream of a true sweet-tooth. However, Hong Kong holds it annually! Prepare for your sweet adventure and book a transfer in advance:

Huge towers of buns, colorful Asian carnivals and even dances of the lions: all that is held during the main holiday of Buddhists called Vesak, which celebrates Buddha’s date of birth, enlightenment and death. Towers made of buns reach 16 meters in height! For 3 days in a row, Hong Kong is celebrating with exciting competitions, rich fairs, beautiful performances and processions and, of course, fresh buns. The third day ends with a spectacular "climbing the buns" challenge.

3. Fiesta De San Isidro, Madrid, May 11-15

San Isidro is ranked among the saints of the Catholic Church. He was born in 1082 and earned his living by digging wells. The glory of the saint was brought to him by various miracles. According to the legend, one of them happened when his son fell into the well. The father turned to God with prayer, and the water in the well rose up, carrying the child upstairs safe and unharmed.

The main celebration is held on the field of San Isidro on May 15. After the official ceremony, the Catholics are sent to fill their vessels with holy water. On this day, many entertaining events and processions are held, as well as various fairs and performances.

Intui provides a wide map of transfers in Madrid. Book in advance:

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Many of you are making plans for a summer getaway, and we are here to help you decide on the safest destinations of 2018!

1. Norway
Norway is one of the safest countries with a high standard of living. Fjords and bays, forests and lakes attract nature and active leisure lovers. Mostly, excluding the Arctic, the climate here is favorable: mild winter gives way to cool summer. Hit months for traveling through Norway are from December to March and from May to September.
Enjoy a comfortable trip around Norway with Intui:

2. Finland
Another northern prosperous country is Finland. Record low crime rate in the world makes your journey as safe as it gets. Despite the cold climate, the Finns are friendly, hospitable, and also law-abiding people. Finland is beautiful in any season, but the aurora and "white" nights are a local specialty.
We recommend that you take care of transfers in advance to get the most out of your travels:

3. Denmark
Scandinavian “Pearl”, Denmark, is among the safest countries for tourists: high-quality roads, low chance of natural disasters, the highest quality of medical care and low crime rate. The best time to visit is from July to the end of August when it’s
Safe and comfortable transfers in Denmark:

4. Luxembourg
The richest country in Europe - that’s how many know Luxembourg - a country with a very high level of culture and economic stability. The period from May to September is the best time to pay a visit, which, despite its small area, boasts a variety of natural and historical attractions.
In order not to worry about the trip, book transfers in Luxembourg in advance:

5. Switzerland
Switzerland is known for its high living standards and security. This is a perfect example of how the diversity of nationalities and races can peacefully coexist with each other. Switzerland attracts tourists all year round, but the most popular time for skiing holidays is from December to April, and for trips to the central part of the country - from May to September.
We offer a wide network of comfortable transfers in Switzerland:

6. Slovenia
Slovenia was included in the list of the safest countries for travelers, due to minimal social tension within. In any season Slovenia will delight you with natural riches and attractions: ski resorts in the winter, excursions in the spring, the sea in the summer and a sanatorium vacation in the autumn.
Book a transfer with Intui to get the most out of your trip:
We wish you a pleasant and, most importantly, a safe holiday!

Transfers to the best ski resorts for your tourists.

360 km of ski runs or 12 black and 37 red? Known and noisy or cozy and secluded? With offers of personal transfers from airports to ski resorts, on transfer, you can now choose any place for your client's rest: from the airport to the mountains, to the resort, you can comfortably, even with equipment and children! Booking special transfers for skiers is opened now: personal transfers by car, equipped for skis and snowboards transportation, are ready to be booked

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New opportunity for the Travel Agencies.
Convenient and simple: Intui launched a new partner account function "Payment from the balance" at its Affiliate program

At the moment Intui has more than 2300 of partners connected. This serious number obliges us to improve our services in the B2b segment. In this regard, the long-awaited function of paying for orders from the partner's balance has been launched! Using commission from bookings to pay for orders solves many tasks and greatly facilitates the life of Intui’s partners. A brief overview of the advantages of our novelty "Payment from the balance" :
1. Partner can use the commission to pay for new bookings.
2. Travel agents can pay from the balance in a single click, without filling in the details as when paying by card.
3. Employees with access to an account can also pay the order with the balance.
4. The accumulated amount on the balance can be transferred to the company's account.
5. Refund for canceled orders is straight to the balance.
6. Increased commission percentage for one-time replenishment.
Everything is transparent and simple, all financial reports are accessible at the partner’s profile.
New orders payment function with partner balance is offered as an option, an opportunity that you can use if you wish it doesn't oblige you to anything. At any time you can pay for orders in other ways familiar to you.
We invite travel agencies to become our partners: increase customers loyalty by offering them an additional product and raise the income!
About where to find and how to use these benefits read in our article

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Winter holidays in Asia: top 5 paradise countries for your tourists + New routes

As they say in the "Games of Thrones" "Winter is coming", but Intui's partners are not afraid of winter, because we have something hot for you - transfers for your tourists in the countries of Asia.

Mysterious and friendly Asia is ready to open its hot embrace in 5 directions. As always, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Vietnam remain the most popular for visiting the "beach" countries in the winter. Recall that the months from November to March - the best time of year to visit Asian destinations, with perfect beach weather and plenty of sun. If your tourist prefers to relax and work on his tan this winter, offer him a comfortable transfer from the airport.

Well-timed transfer of professional transport companies will take your tourists to their holiday destination: whether it's a villa on a mountain, overlooking the sea or a hotel on an island.

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Paradise for shopaholics in Colombo
All October the International Shopping Festival is being held in Colombo.
It is the first time this Festival is organized. The city has turned into a big mall with the most attractive prices for goods the guest couldn't imagine.
A lot of participants have been expected and, indeed, more than 2000 shops take part in Festival. The hottest shopping is planned on the weekends of this week – 20, 21, 22 of October. Don't miss this event! If you want to make shopping in Colombo, don't forget to book a comfortable transfer. transfer is a good chance to book transfer beforehand and enjoy the trip! transfer

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There can't be too much chocolate
The Chocolate day - the tastiest holiday in the world - was celebrated in Perugia, Italy on Friday, the 13th of October, where "Eurochocolate" Festival was held. More than a million of people and 200 participants - Italian and Foreign Chocolate factories - took part in it. Perugia turned into a big sweet cafe full of tasty scents and chocolates. transfer

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La Giettaz.
Near La Clusaz. Beautiful places for walks in the golden autumn. Cool ski resorts at winter season.
How to get this places? By transfer from Intui

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