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Name: Cain Sameth Kamisama
Age: 18
Appearance: Black Hair and Dark green eyes.
Personality: Sarcastic, Level-headed, Reckless, tends to act cold and distant when you first meet me but then i open up after awhile, has a very good nature, doesn't get manipulated very easily, Loner.
Grisha, human, red (basically human) or other: Corporalki Grisha, Healer, Half human and Elf.
Type of weapon used, favored,or does not use weapon: Dual pistols, Katana, Light and Dark swords, hidden knife.
Any thing specific or special about your power (Grisha, human or otherwise):  Is well know for experience in healing a large variety of wounds.
Gender: Male
Other: I have a hard time trusting people at times since I have been betrayed often in the past. I tend to avoid making relationships because of this.
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