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Rising real estate prices continuing bring blessing for couples with an apartment - but it also makes it difficult for them . The apartment , which is usually the main financial asset held by a family , is worth more than money , and more money for distribution among the partners .
But the problems coming up with the hardest decision for the couple - getting divorce.
Added to the obvious and well known obstacles such as children in some cases.
Then came the understanding that both of them can't even sleep in the same territory, then they come to conclusion "We must sell our house!"
And then, both of you discover that house prices doubles at the 5 past years, with that in mind they looking for smaller apartment in a less expensive areas.
But steel, the money isn't enough for buying two separated houses.
So what is the best solution for the couple?
We find a great opportunities for the couple that doesn't let their emotions take the wheel and drive instead of them.
Personal properties manager or even digitally - self management system like
Can help them to keep the house for them to own but making enough profits that in some cases the passive income from the rented apartment can be even larger than the cost of two small apartments in less expensive areas, but at the same Main city.
When you are starting to feel like there is something bad going to happen in your relationship, always remember that emotions can't bring food for your children's.

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