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­čś╗ <3

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HE cool

Okay so Luke got banned off of Club Penguin for saying:
"Shit nigga. why are there so many purple penguins?"  I think that just made me love him even more...

Some info bout Luke:
-June 16, 1996
-Starsign is cancer
-Fav TV show is How I Met Yoir Mother
-Fav fast food place is Nandos
-Fav food is pizza with peperoni topping

O-Kayyy... Here are some facts on Luke:
#1. He was born on July 16, 1996
#2. His Star sign is Cancer
#3. One of his favorite TV shows is How I Met Your Mother
#4. His twitter is @Luke5SOS 
#5. His Instagram is @luke_is_a_penguin

Hey guys what should I post on this page? facts and info on Luke and the rest o the guys or just Luke?

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He's so beutiful :3 I love you so much Luke Robert Hemmings <3 <3 <3
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