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grounding snow dancer is a compilation of daily photo journaling 2/14/17 - 4/4/17 shot with iPhone cell photography... as collaboratives with nature I applied Red Ochre pigment and photographed the process of the elements work the imagery to where the snows ended seasonally and the pigment lay upon its' source, Earth and Cosmos, as a healing gift of return...
please visit and on Facebook to view this and other collaboratives with Nature for further understanding and support... enThanks...

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Get on board with new technology

Got gas central heating? Why not look at Hive or Nest as potential ways of controlling your heating and saving money? These programs give you control of your home heating no matter where you are - there's even a smartphone app that lets you adjust the programming while you're out of the house, so if you have a busy schedule - like running late at work for example - you can instruct your heating not to come on at the usual time, and save energy that would otherwise have been spent heating an empty house!

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We turn trash into trendy eco-fashion
Check out this video. From the fields to Fashion

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#OpenCall  for #digitalart  and #EcoArt  for the environmental NGO +ForestEthics  is November 15, 2014. Free to enter, stipend if awarded. Please share with others.

Spammers deleted. I want this to be an open group but if you try to market non community products you are outta here!

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Manufacturers are looking to separate themselves from their competition by turning to sustainability as a key attribute.  Find out how in my latest article:

Someone from this group sent out an email a while ago about a group that is connecting creatives (students and instructors) with nonprofits to help the latter develop promotional materials.  Can you get in touch with me?  Thanks.

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In case you are interested, here is a #BioPlastic database.

What are bioplastics?
Bioplastics are plastics that are based on renewable biomass, as opposed to conventional plastic which is oil based. Bioplastics can be but are not necessarily biodegradable.

We've now made this group open. This is great if you want to invite others to join this group. We have several new members lately. Feel free to introduce yourself.

Hello, can you give me an opinion on how safe you think acrylics are?
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