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I am a victim of psychological torture

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Created: 18 January 2018
Iran Maryam Rajavi NCRI PMOI/MEK Iranian Resistance Iranian Opposition Protests Civilian Protests
By Mahdavi nasim
At the beginning of 2018, Iran witnessed a main uprising during the ruling mullahs’ era. People clearly chanted the slogan of death to the dictator specifically referring to Khamenei, the supreme leader.
The Iranian society, which is engaged in a dire economic strongly hates the ruling regime and has the potential and readiness to overthrow the regime.
In July 2017, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the elected president of the NCRI, said Regime change was within reach. But at that time, for some analysts, who thought they had trustworthy intelligence from the Iranian community, what Maryam Rajavi uttered appeared to be unrealistic.
#IranProtests #FreeIran #RegimeChange #MaryamRajavi

I am eating Sulpiride and Risperidone.Is that poisonous?How could i do?

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Nine charged for giving food to homeless in California

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"51 Girls Rescued from Sexual Exploitation in Muslim Seminary" (Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India).

What goes on in Mosques must be monitored by secular governments to help prevent these human rights abuses from occurring in the future. The justification is that Islam is an extreme religion that casually disregards human rights, and is extremely sexist and abusive to women and especially to young girls. It's high time for politicians take action for the good of humankind because Islam is continuing to fail miserably at bringing peace and safety to the world.

From the attached article...

According to reports, police in India's northern state of Uttar Pradesh, rescued more than 50 young girls from an Islamic seminary after complaints the seminary manager was sexually harassing and beating the girls.

In a written complaint, the girls had accused the manager of beating and molesting them and forcing them to dance to vulgar songs at the Jamia Khadeejtul Qubra Lilabna seminary, located in Shahadatganj area in Lucknow, India TV reported.

Lucknow Police conducted a raid and arrested the manager, identified as Mohammad Taiyab Zia, and reported it to the government's Child Welfare Committee.

"We found 51 students who were held hostage in the madrassa. The culprit is arrested and we are doing our investigation. He used to molest those students and also beat them," Deepak Kumar, senior superintendent of police told India TV.

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