Is this entire community fake altairs trying to steal arno now? Wtf?

Altair giggles looking for her husband yawning walking around with no shirt on as she stopped at the men's eating area when..

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(You have a new character. The Irish Assassin from Hell in Hibernia)
Name:Brian Byrne.
Born: 1895
Weapons: as seen here.
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Name: Carter James Spainhower
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Personality: Kind, caring, determined, and a bit sarcastic
Skills: Freerunning, stealth, combat, drawing
Abilities: Close combat, stealth assassination, eagle vision (though very limited)
Equipment/Gear: Dual hidden blades, collapsible baton, two pistols, combat knife, smoke bombs, and on occasion, a shock blade
Allegiance: Assassins
Bio: I was born on April 26, 1999 in Indiana to an Assassin father and a Templar mother, though I was unaware of their allegiances until I got pulled into the conflict at age 14. My parents divorced when I was 12 and I was forced under my mother's tyranny for two years. Until one day, my father and the Assassins were able to gain enough influence to be able to convince the court to hand me and my little brother over to my Dad and stepmom’s custody.

One day, my second cousin (and later my trainer) Chelsea and I were ambushed by a group of Templar thugs. She fought them off, took me to the Indianapolis Assassin hideout, and explained everything to me. I realized the threat that the Templars were, both to me and the people of the world, and I agreed to fight alongside the Assassins. I've been working to rid Indianapolis’s streets of the Templar menace ever since.
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Name: Jacob Frye
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Personality: Impulsive, Reckless, and Rebellious
Skill(s): Stealth and Combat
Abilities: Quick-thinker, Very skilled Freerunner, Eagle Vision
Equipment/Gear: Smoke Bombs, Rope Launcher attached to one Hidden Blade, Pistol, Throwing Knives, Hallucinogenic Darts
Weapon(s): Cane Sword, Kukuri, Brass Knuckles, Dual Hidden Blades
Biography: I was born four minutes after my twin sister Evie. Our mother died in childbirth and her mother raised us until the age of six. At that point, our father got us and raised us to be Assassins. After our father's death, we spent some time in Crawley, where the family home is. We then went to London to clear the century-long Templar hold on the city, against the Council's ruling...
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