So latency measurements are good? Anyone compared to Leo Bodnar?

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Hi, just received my Colorhug2. Unfortunately the stick boots on my T460s only in fallback graphics mode, where it doesn't find the attached screens.
In "normal" mode, I get this error message. My Fedora 25 runs just fine.

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It's on my hands... delivery to Spain was fast, really fast, 5 days, now it is moment to try it.

Into Italy it did never arrive... I will never ask a normal delivery to Italy any more, It never arrived.

Thanks Richard and Annie for your patience.

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greetings from Thailand. Just get my hug today ^_^

New laptop = new calibration = still a reddish mess :( 

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I ordered a ColorHUG and received it already after 4 working days.
I read a lot about calibration and profiling a display and now I could try it myself. In order to remember what I did exactly, I wrote it down in this article. May be useful for other people as well ... and comments are welcome. Here you can find it:

My ColorHug just arrived and I tested it out on my work pc immediately (Running Mint 14).

The device was recognized and a calibration dialog was shown ( it sadly failed until I did a "sudo apt-get install gnome-color-manager" ).

After doing a quick calibration on both monitors images show looks very much different - on the dell ( E228WFPc ) the colors are very muted if not down right gray and on the Samsung ( SyncMasterP2450 ) they are now slightly more red.

Between the two the Samsung is properly closest to correct, but isn't the point of calibration that they are supposed to look the same? Did I miss a step, resetting the screen or the like?

and yes I realize neither screens is particularly brilliant for photo editing - but still shouldn't they look at least vaguely the same?

Just tried to profile my screen again with my Colorhug, still can't get a good result out of it on Ubuntu 12.10, it's all reds :(

Anyone managed to get a good result out of thing yet? And if so, what's your secret?

Hi, I just got my colorhug and was able to calibrate everything and I'm quite happy with it. I just wanted to say that I struggled a bit finding the ICC file. (I used the liveCD) because I could't find anywhere in the doc where they are located (.local/share/... is not that instinctive). It would be great if the doc said where those icc files are after calibrating.
(And the shipping was so fast, I ordered it friday, it was here (Germany) on tuesday, thanks a lot)

Anyone by any chance using the ColorHug with a Lenovo W530? I'm getting the dreaded red tint with every profile that I try to make no matter which matrix I pick, I really hope I haven't just wasted my money since I don't have a photospectrometer =\
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