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Luke Klinker

Official Announcements (Do not post here)  - 
Talon for Twitter - A status update and notes about the future

A lot has been going on the last few days, so I just wanted to share with you guys the most important parts, and explain what has happened and what I have done for any of you still unaware.

As many of you have seen, the app did in fact run out of user tokens. Tokens are twitter's way of limiting the number of users on a 3rd party app, they give each app 100,000 to distribute to its users. Those sure went fast in talon, which is something that I am pretty proud of, but of course a bit sad about as well.

Creating a Token Workaround
Some apps have let you input your own api keys into them, I will not be doing this with talon as it violates twitters terms of service.

How to download the version you already purchased
The original version has been unpublished from the play store. You can still see it though as long as you have already purchased it. Go to your purchased apps section of the store or find it from this link:

Logging In
With version 3.4.0, I have created a bit of a login workaround to trick the Twitter website into authenticating you if you already have a token. 

When logging in, you will more than likely be met with the "This application cannot authenticate any more users at this time, please try again later" message. There is a "sign in" button in the top right corner of the screen though. Click it and sign in. Twitter means for this to take you to their main web view of your timeline, but I force it to return to the authorize page for Talon instead.

What to expect for the future
Now for the future of the app. I did release a material redesign, only for Lollipop, onto the play store. You can find it here:

This app is for lollipop only, and I do not think it will be coming to lower version. I don't want to limit myself by api constraints with this one, and since I have a token limit anyways, the longer i can prolong that, the better it will be for me, as the developer, and you all, as the user.

This new version also allows me to have major incentive to continue developing the old version. They will have very similar feature sets, with design as the key difference. I really don't want to hear anyone saying this app is dead already because that is simply not the truth and I would have never tell anyone such a lie.

Open Source
Since the token limit was reached, I have open sourced the classic version of talon. You can find it on my github here:

This is something that I said I was going to do from the beginning and something that I am proud of. Open source is a major step for any project to take, let alone a project as big as talon. Some of the code it pretty good, some... not so much haha remember that I made this as a 19 year old kid with only one high school java class and month into a college java class... So don't judge the code to hard, it works well and, for now, that is what is important. I will probably go through and comment more of it in the future as well.

Check out the readme for what you have to do to get it to work, basically it is just getting your own api keys. I ask that you do not redistribute the builds you make for your own gain though. If you make one and would like to share it, great, that is exactly what it should be for. Do not charge for that build though. I have spent a hard year crafting this app and someone stealing it for a profit would not make me very happy.

Please note that although it is open source, I plan to continue updating the Play Store version as well.

Wrap Up
So, anyways, that is the future, contribute to it if you would like, otherwise, continue to enjoy what I have created. I might be sad about the token limit, but I am overjoyed about the response I have gotten to it and the support from my users.

Enjoy the app, I will just say that it still has a bright future in front of it.

Phew, these last few days have been a lot haha hopefully this clears things up a bit and I can get a second to relax and point people here now 😵
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All tweets are double in the app! 
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Is there a way to prevent my timeline jumping to the top of unread tweets? There are times when I scroll back down my timeline or am close to the top of the list and an unread tweet will come up (thanks to Talon Pulls live streaming) and I'll be taken right up to the top. It can get a little frustrating.

Am I missing an option to prevent this?
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Hmm, it seems Talon disables notifications even when outside of the configured do not disturb time (1 AM - 7 AM is what I had it set to).

I've worked around this by just disabling the screen wake and using Android's built in DND mode, just figured I'd let you know.

Loving 3.0 by the way! 😎
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Things are overlapping.
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long standing bug, and it's pretty random too
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+Luke Klinker​ I like that there's a notification for quoted tweets but it doesn't work well enough to be useful. I get the notification but when I touch it, it doesn't show me the tweet. In the interactions pane on the right it just shows the person's profile pic that quoted me but nothing else. And touching it does nothing.
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+Luke Klinker I could help you with that if you'd like.
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I thought I was missing some notifications mainly favorites, but they do come just very delayed. In this instance it was at least 6 hours. 
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Yesterday I missed favorite tweets, a few dm's. Seems the only consistent is the mentions in activities. I leave mentions off and just use activity notifications for everything.

Anyone else notice. 
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Roman Peshekhonov

Feature Requests  - 
Is it possible to:
1. Set a non system language?
2. Set an automatic update for a lists?
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+Roman Peshekhonov agreed :) 
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Marvin Heng

Discussion  - 
Few simple questions: 1. How many twitter account can Talon support? I see it mentioned only 2 accounts in the GooglePlay description? 2. Can timeline shows all accounts? 3. Does mute feature work or is there mute function in Talon or do we need to set it in Twitter web page?
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1) 2 accounts is the max.
2) no, it cannot and I dont plan on adding this one, sorry
3) talon has mutes internally, not managed by twitter.
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Latest update also broke my timeline. I refreshed manually and the app says I have no unread tweets but I do when I check on the web. Minor suggestion, speed up the animation on exiting tweet view. Also for some reason I think a vertical swipe downward would be more elegant 😊😇
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You are probably being rate limited, that is just twitter saying you can't refresh for whatever reason
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+Luke Klinker​ I already reported this, but you gave no answer and it is not fixed in the new version, so:
When opening the "view all" tweets from the user profile and then opening the image list in a tweet, pressing the back button will close the tweets pop-up, and not the images pop-up.

Also, the action bar needs more margin from top.
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Okay... Thanks for the reply :)
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About this community

This community is for discussing and beta testing Talon for Twitter. To join in on the beta testing fun, all you need to do is join this community, then click on the link below (which you may need to do from your computer) and opt into the beta. Then you can download any beta updates that I put up (just remember that there will not be betas available all the time, I do need to take breaks every once in a while). Beta link (Classic): Play Store Link (Classic): Beta link (Plus): Play Store Link (Plus): Some community rules: 1) Everyone will be respectful and contribute towards bettering the app 2) Post in the correct section or I will remove the post 3) Stay on topic as best as possible 4) Search a little before requesting a feature that has been discussed or a bug that has been reported Hope you all enjoy what I’ve created here, I’m always open to suggestions as well (but that in no way means I will actually act on them unless I feel they will create a better experience for the majority of people). Enjoy! #keepsliding #talonfortwitter
This might be blasphemy, but any thoughts on a Windows app? I ask because I upgraded my Surface Pro to Windows 10 and it made it so much more usable, that all of the apps I used on my Galaxy Note 3, I now want to be able to use on there. At the moment, I haven't been able to find any Windows Twitter client that eveb comes close to Talon. 
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Not a problem. Was just curious. 
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Check how small the window is when you wanna read a conversation... #popupsareevil
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Yes, I get it, the windows don't always work well on tablets, I do not have a solution for it right now, sorry. I will continue to work on it in the future.
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Look at how small the window is that I'm supposed to read tweets (via a profile) in. Any chance of an option to force full screen? 
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This would be very welcome :D
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Ian Camporez Brunelli

Feature Requests  - 
+Luke Klinker It would be great if retweets were displayed in timeline with the original tweet date, instead of the time it was retweeted.

This is Twitter's default behaviour (on Web and official apps)...
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I have some performance issues when opening a tweet and closing it after reading it.
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So do I a little bit, the material animation seems to be a but laggy.. 
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Will Talon ever support Samsung's Multi Window feature?

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No, it breaks some of the features I made and is not something you can turn off and on by a setting 
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This is what I call home position. At times the app doesn't revert back to this screen with all of it loaded. The header is missing or the floating tweet button doesn't show up etc.
I'm using 3.0.2 whichever is the newest.
When I refresh or when I tap on "To Top" makes this happen.
It wasn't as bad before 3.0.0 came out it seems to me.
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That's always been that way, 3.0 didn't change it at all
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+Luke Klinker Love the new update! Just noticed one thing tho. When I try to retweet a tweet with an image using the old "" style retweet the link for the image doesn't appear and if I post the tweet there's no image.
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+Luke Klinker great! 😊
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Luke Klinker

Official Announcements (Do not post here)  - 
Lots of work went into this one. Hope you all enjoy!
Introducing Talon for Twitter 3.0.0

Phew, today, I am excited to be releasing one of the biggest Talon Plus updates to date. Version 3.0.0 comes with a host of new layout, UI options, features, improvements, fixes, and, of course, Material Design.

The little things and attention to detail are what I believe sets Talon apart, and this update feels better than the app ever has in the past.

Here is a full changelog to feast your eyes on:
- NEW: User profile layout
- NEW: Transition animations from timeline to tweet viewer (Android 5.0+)
- NEW: Material Design login/setup layout
- NEW: Select font type from UI settings
- NEW: Swipe horizontally to close tweet and profile viewers
- NEW: Don't display twitter image or quoted tweet links anymore
- NEW: Notification of quoted tweets when using talon pull
- NEW: Option to disable Talon Pull notification. Read disclaimer on setting. Use extreme caution.
- NEW: Mute options on your own profile
- IMPROVE: Popup sizes
- IMPROVE: Popup layout animations
- IMPROVE: Search bar simplicity
- IMPROVE: Settings style
- IMPROVE: Settings options
- IMPROVE: Quoting tweets
- IMPROVE: Expansion height
- IMPROVE: Animations
- IMPROVE: Some tablet layouts
- IMPROVE: Fluidity of some transitions
- IMPROVE: Now officially "Designed for Tablets" on Play Store
- IMPROVE: Now officially "Designed for Android Wear" on Play Store
- IMPROVE: Play store listing
- IMPROVE: Added a few more helpful tips throughout the app
- FIX: Issue with both video and thumbnail showing on tweet viewer
- FIX: Mixed up profile pictures when replying from second account
- FIX: Compose screen bugs
- FIX: Drawer allowing you to interact with the list behind it in some cases
- FIX: Crash reports

This version has been a long time coming and I am very happy to finally get it into the end user's hands. So, without further adoo, check out the YouTube video, or just head over to the Play Store and get your download started!

YouTube Video:
Play Store Download:

Enjoy 'all. I feel great about how this one turned out and hope you all feel the same.
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Awesome update, all we need now is auto refreshing lists ;). 
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Steve Fournier

Discussion  - 
Awesome update!
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