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Open Sourcing Talon for Twitter

Today, I am excited to take a very big step for the app: the Material Design version of Talon, that is currently on the Play Store, is open source!

Talon has been a successful app for me, for many years. I have been an outspoken advocate of open source work for a long time, and open sourced the original version of Talon, when it hit it's token limit. This was the next best step for the app, to say "thanks!" to everyone that has supported me over the years!

*What this means for you:*
As a user, you won't notice much of a change. You will still get the same updates, at the same frequency, through the Play Store. The app will continue to be a paid app, distributed to new users over Google Play, as well.

As a developer, the benefits are obvious! Hopefully you can use it for inspiration, implementation details, or other ideas. Feel free to contribute, if you want, as well.

*What does the future look like?*
Like I said, most of you won't notice a difference. It's not as though I am leaving the app, it is just getting a more public view. Feel free to make contributions, reports, or download and build it for yourself.

If you like what I am doing here, you can say "thanks!" back by giving me a star on the repo:

For more details, check out the blog post that I wrote:

Hopefully some people will find this helpful :) it is a significant contribution for me, to say the least, and one that I am very excited about.

Hi. Out of nothing Talon has stopped working?
It can't send tweets, nor show any suggestions of people to tweet to...
I can retweet but not send a new tweet.
Please help. Thanks

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+Luke Klinker will you please add this following under data saving mode ? :D
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thanks to all who helped me in my previous issues

I am facing another one
I have been added FCBAYERN account in favourite and I receive notifications about FCBAYERN tweets
when I open it I cant see replays on this post (see the attached picture)


I got Talon for a few days now, so far I really like it.

It's just that I see blocked accounts in my feed, as well as their answers and discussions.

Do I have to change a setting to get rid of these tweets?
Thanks for helping.

Super noon question but how do I block seeing tweets with certain hashtags from my feed

Not sure if already reported, but noticed that when a tweet has multiple hyperlinks in it, Talon only opens the first link in the tweet no matter which hyperlink is actually selected.
Happens both from the timeline or when opening the tweet itself.
Need to "Open in web" tu get around bug.

Why I can't play back video, the screen goes blank. Please advise. Thanks

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Pixel Style with Talon...
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