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Talon v6.4.0 - BETA

I am putting up a new beta, that should hit all your devices shortly. The main change is the addition of a notification interceptor from the official Twitter app. Basically, if you have the official app installed and it is giving you notifications, Talon can intercept those notifications and show them within my app instead.

It works similar to the activity refresh, so if you were using or seeing things in the activity refresh, then this method should work well for you.

It is a good alternative to Talon Pull, if you are looking for real time notifications. To set it up:

1. Head to the "Notification Options" section of settings
2. Turn on "Twitter interceptor.." from the top option in that section
3. Give Talon permission to listen for notifications (the screen to do this will come up automatically)

Thats it, enjoy the update!

I'm​ trying to read threads, but I'm just seeing replies to individual thread tweets. What changes do I need to make in order to see the thread in succession?

1. How can download the beta version?
2. Is any way to preview the links in time line like official Twitter app? 

I'm running Android O since yesterday and I notice that Talon sometimes freezes when I click on an image to enlarge it. I have to move out of the app to be able to continue

The last couple of days I haven't been able to use talon at all. It won't refresh the timeline. If I try to refresh my own tweets I get the “Rate limit reached” error message, but how can that be since I haven't been able to or even tried refreshing in days?

Had to go back to Twitter’s own app, which I don't like at all.

Nexus 6p with the latest updates.

I'm using Talon 6.3.3 on a Moto Z running 7.0 and for the last few days, tweets with multiple images never load the image viewer. Single images are fine, multiple just has the loading spinner. Known issue?

I cannot follow a user in Talon if I try I am returned atn Error:403. Is this a known bug?
Also I dont seem to get the option to unfollow a user only to 'Follow' a user that is already being followed. 

How does Talon handle opening links when it comes to whether it opens them in the internal browser vs the external one? Dunno if I'm going crazy but ever since I updated to Marshmallow a couple days ago all links open externally. It used to only happen rarely so this new behavior is driving me batty!

Hi, I couldn't see a way of contacting ref Pulse.
Is there a setting I've missed or can it be added so when a SMS comes in only the new message is displayed and not other messages in conversation on the lock screen? 

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Why is the app switcher title bar colour different when you're viewing an image?
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