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Jean-Luc Aufranc

Rockchip  - 
Rockchip RK3368 based TV box by Eny Technology will be available next month. There's also another box (CSA90) on Aliexpress for $77.
We've had a first glimpse at RK3368 Android TV Boxes when Rockchip showcased X6 TV box during one of their events. However, that box was targeting the Chinese market only, but Eny Technology informed me they are about to launch EKB368 TV box destined to overseas markets. EKB368_Rear_Panel ...
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I bought Tronsmart Draco month ago and lost trust to tv boxes.
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Shane Lin

Discussion  - 
Hi guys! You now have a chance to design the smallest personal computer on Earth!
MOREFINE is working with their solution provider to design the next generation of the brand’s mini PC - M2 Finger PC. 
And they would like input from all you talented minds out there, to help with a better design of:
1.The M2 exterior casing - temperature control, finish, look, etc. 
2.The M2 modules - ports, networking, etc.
3.The M1 new package 
Leave a comment under this post. Let us Make something, fellas! 
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+Sean C Hi Sean,

This prototype of M2 is basically M1 plus a cooling fan. 

Platform: Bay Trail-T-CR


Processor Type: Bay Trail-T Quad Core (4C/4T) SoC 2W, BGA 17mm x 17mm x 1mm, Z3735F

Process:   22nm

L2 Cache: Supports Intel® Burst Technology; Supports 2MB of L2 Cache


Technology: DDR3L-1333

Memory: One chanel, 2GB

Connectivity: Wireless LAN/Bluetooth 802.11b/g/n, BT4.0

Card Reader: 

Controller : SOC

Card Reader: Micro SD


Micro USB2.0 x 1

Standard USB x 1

DC in (MicoUSB) x 1

HDMI x 1

Storage: eMMC4.5, 32G

Hot Keys: Power Button x 1

Power: AC adapter AC 100~240V, 50/60Hz, 5V/2A

Status Indicator: Green LED light

Dimensions(L x W x H): 99.6mm x 37.6mm x 9.6mm

Weight: 46g

Color: Black

Supported OS: Windows8.1 with Bing and Android4.4 dual OS, WHQL/CTS
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Alex Tong

Discussion  - 
Hi all would appreciate if anyone can let me know if these mini pc with atom z3736f can install and run Adobe creative suite cs3. Planning to get one for my kid. Does the initial storage 32gb sufficient and can it use usb hard disk as alternate storage? Planning to get the pipo x7s or mele pgc03 or other mini Windows 8.1 pc. Thanks in advance.
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Hi All thanks for valuable feedback
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$100 +Intel mini PC supporting two displays via HDMI and DisplayPort.
Most mini PCs with Intel Atom Z3735F only come with HDMI output, while a few others feature both HDMI and VGA like MeLE PCG03, but if you need a cheap mini PC with both HDMI and DisplayPort as found in Intel NUC, Artway W8 Plus is worth a look especially since it sells for just $99 on Aliexpress ...
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Hm...I have taken back my previous commentary.  Intel WISED UP and used the same GPU that they have Open Source Support for.  If you're doing Linux/Windows- it might just be a gem.  I'll grab one of these shortly and give a good appraisal from the Linux side for everyone.
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Jean-Luc Aufranc

Others  - 
Another processor with 4K / H.265 capabilities.
Action Semi ATM7039 quad core Cortex A9 processor was launched in 2013 and can be found in low cost tablets, but the company has now launched ATM7039S processor, with similar features but adding 4K video support for OTT boxes, and Kaiboer F5 Plus is one of the first product to feature the new ...
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If any one of these did tuners, heh...   One could go with the AOC 29" ultrawide aspect monitors and have a nice little setup that did most everything you'd want.  4K's pricey still is it's main problem- and it doesn't really have a load of content that makes it more than just bragging rights right at the moment.  Unless you're coding  (waves hand) you don't gain much from a 4K setup yet- and even though I'm coding, I'm running with a 2K monitor because it's easier to push, priced in the attainable space, etc.
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All new #allwinner $9 #computer  
$35 Raspberry Pi has the crown of being world's smallest and cheapest computer, but this seems to be not the case anymore. C.H.I.P. - a brand new entry to the mini-computing scene has already been successfully crowd-funded at kickstarter, the "100% open-source" product features attractive functionality and power for a price-tag of $9 which includes a 1Ghz A13 Allwinner CPU, 512MB of DDR3 RAM, 4GB NAND storage, USB, Micro USB, Video/Audio/MIC Comp...
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+W.Michael DePeel
Indeed, with Odroid C1 or Raspberry Pi you won't get much, if any, change out of $9 when you buy the WiFi dongle that you will probably need.
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The MeegoPad T02 is the successor to the popular #MeegoPad T01. Powered by the #Intel Z3735F chipset, it now features 2 fullsize USB ports, 3.5mm Audio and (finally) comes with genuine #Windows 8.1 with Bing. Seems they've learned from their mistakes.
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Hi everybody.

I thank you for your great work.

I have to plan to build a mini Linux PC. I've already got a Raspberry PI (Model 1B). It works very well, but i want to replace it by a more powerful and cheap arm board.

I first thought about buying a raspberry pi 2 or android C1. Then I came across these cheaps and powerful android sticks.

Before Ordering one,  I prefer to seek advice, and i Thank you in advance for yours answers :)

I asked myself is there was way to run Linux on them, and i found Linixium's bootloader, who seems to be that i would need.

I've found many MK809IV  for cheap (quad core, 2Gb ram, bluetooth and wifi integrated)  on aliexpress and Ebay.

Can I use Linixium's Bootloader on them  to run an (Arm) Linux Desktop? Is it a good choice or do you recommend another cheap stick?

I've got an 1280 x 800 HDMI LCD screen, I seem to have read that a resolution of 1080p or 720p is needed, perhaps wrongly.

Do you think It will not a problem to run Linux with these stick on my 1280 x 800 screen?

I Thank you for yours answers,  and I'm sorry for my limited English.

Have a good day,
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I would rather buy google glass
Allwinner is working on a Google Glass like device that will cost just $199, compared to the $1500 price of Google's wearable (NASDAQ:GOOG)
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Whilst searching for information on BIOS I've found these three similar but very interesting articles about development of Windows 'stick' PCs which includes BIOS types ... hint: Google Translate

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マウスコンピューターが2014年12月に発売したスティック型のWindows PC「m-Stick」は、同社の想定を遙かに上回る売れ行きで、発売後数カ月は品薄の状態が続いた人気製品だ。
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а  почти 100$ за стик это разве не перебор?! и памяти всего 64 Gb... :-(
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Android Box Torrent Question: I used to use my raspberry pi as a torrent box running transmission and samba share. I would just use my raspberry pi to watch media but it's way too slow and clunky. I would then stream the videos from the pi to my android box. It ended up being too slow to stream to my other boxes so I decided to instead convert my Android MXIII into a torrent box.

I have got it hooked up to a 500 USB OTG hard drive and successfully got it working with the atorrent app. The only issue is that the Android box and hard drive always go into sleep mode and I notice that the yellow light on the hard drive turn off so that means its not seeding.

Is there a way to keep the android box and the USB hard drive always on just like the raspberry pi?
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+Rizwan Choudhary​ If you need some help picking out a good powered USB hub feel free to message me on hangouts. I have put up a total of 6 android mini PCs all using a powered USB hub that has multiple storage devices plugged into it. 
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Discussions about low power mini PCs running Android or Linux. Please make sure you post in the relevant categories: Discussion, Allwinner, Rockchip, Amlogic, Freescale, Intel, Others... There's also a Promotions category for interesting deals. If you want to support the maintainer of this community and CNX Software blog, you can consider using the affiliate links below if you plan to make a purchase. You'll also find a Paypal donation link for Ian Morrison (Linuxium), who has made great work with Linux on ARM mini PCs.
A couple of weeks ago I was experimenting with the new dual boot BIOS firmware and I managed to "brick" my Meegopad T01 when installing Windows 10 (64-bit). So after posting a warning to others I mentioned that if I could scrape together enough from donations I'd buy a new 'old' model and continue developing. Having fallen well short of the required $100 I decided to investigate how I could "fix" my device instead and these are my findings. 

How to "unbrick" a Meegopad T01

Theoretically all that is needed is an SPI Flash programmer and some test clips to connect to the BIOS chip on the device. However researching the BIOS chip reveals that it is a low-power version and runs at 1.8v. Most USB EEPROM programmers run at 3.3V and 5V and there is the real risk of frying the BIOS chip when re-programming it if you don't combine with a logic level converter (see http://ao2.it/en/blog/2014/12/30/teclast-x98-air-3g-unbricking-bay-trail-tablet). Given that I'd probably be needing to reprogram the BIOS chip more than once and also wanting a simple approach I searched for alternatives.

The solution I chose was to purchase a EZP_XPro USB Flash Writer together with some SOIC8 Test Clips. First you need to download and install the v1.4 software from here (http://www.dream-e.com/Pshow.asp?Pid=45) but don't select the default path as there is a permissions bug so create and use a local folder. Next take your Meegopad board out from the case and disconnect the battery by unplugging it. Then assemble the test clips with the socket adapter and plug into the programmer, connect the programmer's power USB cable to your PC and attach the test clips to the BIOS chip making sure pin 1 is aligned along the way (see the picture below) and run the "EZ" software. The type of BIOS chip should automatically be detected but confirm by selecting "Test" from the "Operation" menu boxes. Now load the BIOS file you want to reprogram by clicking the "Brower" (sic) box and selecting the required file. Then simply run "Erase" followed by "Program" and then "Verify" from the "Operation" menus to complete the reprogramming making sure no errors were encountered. I've made a stunning video showing exactly these steps here https://youtu.be/S4kR4zK6E20. Finally disconnect the test clips, re-plug the battery, connect up your Meegopad device and boot to check everything is working. Happy BIOS programming!
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I thought with time you would do this. Very good job. Looks like all went right too.
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Lala noor

Others  - 
What is the input voltage mini PC .
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Gerard van Dam

Discussion  - 
I own since halve a year a Zotac PI320. I installed Kodi beta with many add-ons and uninstalled as many Windows apps to make space.
My question: is my USB 2.0 fast enough to run Chrome OS of a stick?
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Thanks for your thorough explanation. I will first try experimenting with a virtual machine because I have worked with that in the past.
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Wow got Ubuntu 14.10 installed on my RKM-V5 eMMC internal flash RAM.

In a Welcome PDF that came with my MK902II Linux version. It gave a link to the Firmware/Linux have to put that link right in the URL and hit enter then it will download. Before for me was just saying page can not be displayed or something like that.

Any way the zip file looks like it came with Android too. The PDF it in showed a photo of a RKM-V5 so I thought it would work. It took about a half hour to wight and check it. It booted it in about 3 sec! WiFi and Ethernet working.

The Ubuntu looks just like the one that came with the MK902II. Same log in and same Welcome PDF on the desktop.

The power off works on this one too. All seem very good. Have the SD card slot free now too.

First thing I did was made a root log in and installed ssh.

It looks like this login in and doing a df command.

login as: root
root@'s password:
Welcome to Ubuntu 14.10 (GNU/Linux 3.10.0 armv7l)

 * Documentation:  https://help.ubuntu.com/
Last login: Sat Jan  1 12:00:08 2011
root@rikomagic:~# df
Filesystem     1K-blocks    Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/mmcblk0p4  14955000 1831992  12481528  13% /
udev             1022312      92   1022220   1% /dev
none                   4       0         4   0% /sys/fs/cgroup
none              206804     324    206480   1% /run
none                5120       4      5116   1% /run/lock
none             1034008       0   1034008   0% /run/shm
none              102400      20    102380   1% /run/user

Very happy got a good version of Ubuntu working on my RKM-V5 with Gigabit Ethernet. I got a heatsink on it too.

The link were the Ubuntu image is, is here:


Put that right in the URL and hit enter and it should download. Looks like it will work with the RKM-V5 stick and MK902II box.
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Just tested YouTube again and this time full screen 1080P it can't keep up. So it must not have the GPU drives in this Linux version.
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In Voyo Mini PC with Windows 8.1 with Bing: Swipe from the right to open the charms bar. Tap or click on Settings. Tap or click on Change PC settings at the bottom of the charms bar. Choose Update and Recovery from the list of options on the left of the PC settings window. Choose Recovery.
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Anyone with a MINIX Neo Z64W running Ubuntu and wanting audio and wifi should download and run the script in https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B99O3A0dDe67emhiejZoOVMyOUE

And here's a demo of what you'll get ... http://youtu.be/MHTrjjj1znc

Credit goes to John Pemberton for the Bay Trail Audio HDMI patch, Paul Kendall for identifying the ACPI DSDT table bug, Bastien Nocera (hadess) for the RTL8723BS wifi driver and DroidMote Server / Client for the wifi referral.  I've basically compiled a patched Ubuntu kernel and the wifi module together with a modified DSDT table for the Minix NEO Z64W BIOS and written a script to install the changes.
Chris Bly's profile photoStephen Neal's profile photo
See in the video it appears as an analogue device. Does that mean no DD/DTS (let alone DTS HD/Dolby True HD) bitstreaming at the moment?  PCM 2.0 only - or is PCM 5.1/7.1 supported?  Wonder how many tweaks would be required for a Pipo X7?  (And great work!)
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#Zidoo have released firmware v1.0.3.1 for the Zidoo X9. Big changes are the support for 4K 24Hz output and fixes for HDMI recording when the signal is lost.
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+Jean-Luc Aufranc  Sounds like it may fix your issue when you tried to record the Wintel W8 dual boot.
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Discussion  - 
The new and amazing Voyo Mini Pc. #computer   #gadgets   #voyominipc   #technology  
Disguised in a 4K media player, Voyo Mini PC is actually a fully functional PC with Windows 8.1 system, suitable for web browsing, checking email accounts, social networking updates from the office an
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I think it is possible I did not try though don't need it.
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Intel Compute Stick BIOS

#intel #minipc 
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