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Born of an improbable copulation between Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie Hanibal DM distills an industrial metal tinted with goth, the capricious offspring to stand out from both parents will use the language of Molière !!
HDM is a concert in France and two tours in Russia and Spain and the release of two EP produced by David Castel (Psykup, Manimal, Dwail ect ect ...) and all this since January 2014 !!!
Here is the official clip to discover!
Thank you for helping the band like and share !!!

told someone i would share part of one of me songs on here comment if its good or not::

verse 1
fallin down to my knees
sayin wont u kill me plz
u say i dont matter tonight
i go to sleep
im dreamin tht
tomarow will be more like my past
u call me up to bring me down
i always knew u never cared u see
i know tht ull leave me standing tonite

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Hey Guys ,... 
Thanks for the invitation.... 
You're also invited to have a look at the #1 Dark place at GooglePlus ;o) 

JayyHvie Von Vanity 

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