Before we start I think it would be a good idea just to explain what a Paradigm shift is.

Being a photographer I like to explain this using a camera lens as an example. The way you view the world seems correct until you change the lens you view it through. Changing the lens allows you to see things you never saw before and opens you up to new options and possibilities.

If you are brought up viewing the world in one way it is very hard to naturally understand why people do things in a different way to you and therefore and you will consider that that way to be wrong. This built in to your personality and is a result of your education and upbringing.

Think of a Paradigm Shift as a change from one way of thinking to another.


I live in the town and never grew up with a paradigm of a Countryman, however I am doing my best to understand the reasons and motive behind field sports. I do not have any trouble accepting the things they do, however I have come up against others who refuse to shift their paradigm.

The Typical Townie Paradigm,

Hunting is cruel and unnecessary, human beings do not hunt for food any more therefore people who hunt just love to kill animals for sport. They use gun because they like shooting things, this is probably the best way to kill lots of things. I do not know why they don't just leave the animals alone and enjoy them. Killing is wrong, hunters a murderers. I understand that some animals need to controlled but this can be done humanly by professionals using traps and poisons.

A True Countryman's Perspective,

I have barely even scratched the surface exposing the depths of the Countryman's Paradigm. However From what I have seen a true Countryman loves nature and all of Gods creatures. They consider what they do to be responsibility to maintain a balanced eco system and to assist rural eccomony by providing pest control. I have never personally seen a true Countryman take a life in vien or disrespect a life after it is taken.

There is quite obviously a big difference in these two perspectives, and feelings on both side run deep with conflicting myths and half truths.

I'm looking forward to learning the truth and perhaps educating other as I continue to shift my paradigm.

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