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Swift Backup v2.1.1 is now live on Play Store.
This is a hotfix update released primarily to remove the BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN permission.

Read about the recent app removal by Google here:

Removed BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN permission
Note: External SDCARD users can now uninstall SB without deactivating the app as Device Admin. The backup files on the ext. sdcard will be removed on uninstalling, so be sure to take a backup of /Android/data/org.swiftapps.swiftbackup/ folder on your ext. sdcard before uninstalling the app in any case.

Android P: Workaround when restoring apps fail due to SE Linux policy patching failure. The policy patch allows SB to directly install backed up app apks from its own folder rather than a system designated folder.


Can you add a way to delete a device from the cloud? Rather keep it near than end up with a huge list. Thanks.

I wanted to know why Swift Backup do not work on my Meizu 16th....
It is strange that Titanium works normally but I love the full backup of all
data include obb...How can I figure it out...I need help!:(

I have purchased lifetime plan yesterday, but when I used it to restore my app plus data on Android pie custom rom. It restored only app not data.

G+ will closed, and now?

Does the Swift Backup support batch backup and restore without root?

How to backup system app?

How restore data only?

So I was looking into the app before buying, and I found something concerning: Swift Backup uses Application Data on Drive, which is not accessible by the user, moreover "Your Application Data folder is deleted if users uninstall your app from their Drive." Is this true? If I or someone else accidentally/deliberately deletes the app, all the cloud synced backup will be gone? Or am I misunderstanding something? I understand that local backup will remain intact (IF its on interna storage), but in my understanding a cloud backup is the "last resort", I deleted the app, killed the phone, but still, all my data is in the cloud, but looks like it's not?
If not, there should be an option to store said data outside of Application Data, inside the personal Drive folder.

I am fan of titanium back up, since pie, it is not allowing me to choose external switched to swift as I have used it earlier.Now my question is if I choose, external sd as back up location and some how I uninstalled swift back up, anyway for me to restore apps after installing swift backup again?
Can we customise backup location?
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