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Learn how to make black and white images in my newest Darktable video.

I am using darktable 2.4.4 on Kubuntu and it has been working for some time. However today it keeps crashing with
"malloc_consolidate(): invalid chunk size

I have tried rebooting and reinstalling to no avail, any ideas?

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How to use the mask manager in darktable to handle all your drawn masks.

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In this video, I comment on the Darktable base curve module

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Montauk Point. Easy to process in DT.

When trying to export my darktable edits as jpg (Ctrl+E), darktable is giving error:
"can not create directory `:!"

I can not find where this error came from. T
Below is the part from my darktablerc:


So, I would expect Ctrl+E would created a directory Pictures/darktable/year/month/date and put the file inside.

Can you kindly help?

With G+ shuttering it's doors soon, is there a landing place for the members of this page to move to? Are the devs planning on another "official" channel? Perhaps alongside FB's unofficial dt page?

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New Darktable Insight: Sharpening in Darktable

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Hi friends, though Exporting Images manual says, I can export selected to a latex photobook, in my module, I can not find this. What should I do to avail that feature?
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