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A short video on wedding.

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Another handy resource for getting to know Google +

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A little guide on google plus if your new to this thing. :)
The Ultimate Guide to Google Plus - Click Read More Below!
This guide intends to be a full, hands on, guide to using Google Plus. My primary goal in this article was to have a guide that others can use to get the most out of Google Plus and its features. After answering a few hundred people's questions about the network, I felt it was probably a good idea to write up a guide that I can simply link to that answers the question. That way, everyone can enjoy it.

This guide is broken into sections that can be directly linked to.

What Are Google Plus Circles
I explain how to use circles to help you manage a large amount of contacts as you grow within the network.

How to resolve the Google Plus Ghost Town Effect
When you first join Google Plus, it is a vast wasteland with nothing going on. You have to manually search and find content and the whole process can be perceived to be clunky. I show you how to resolve the issue by adding people to your circles.

Rich Text in Google Plus Posts
This one has been done a thousand times over, however, it still needs to be in the guide so that people who haven't seen how to format rich text in posts can do so.

What Are Hashtags
Learn how to use hashtags in Google Plus. See how hashtags work along with working examples of how I'm currently using them.

What Are Communities
Communities explained. How to create, manage, and use communities to keep you engaged within Google Plus. If you've ever noticed a slow period in Google, especially during weekends or late nights, going to communities to reply to people is one thing I do to kill the time.

How To Get More People to Circle You
This isn't an exact science, but I can tell you this section should help you gain new circlers following you. I've gone from 50 circles to over 4,000 in less than two months (at the time of this post).  I share my methods in this section along with additional tips and advice.

Google Plus Hangouts
Learn about hangouts within Google Plus.

Taming the Beast - Calming Down the Noise
Once you follow my tips and advice, you'll notice the "ghost town" is now flipped into a noisy feed that is tough to follow. I share with you how to tame the beast to reign in the content that means the most to you.

Google Plus Pages
Want to create a separate "entity" for your company, website, blog, or hobby? Learn how to create and manage your Google Plus pages.

A quick thanks to +Mark Traphagen (he's linked in the guide) and +martin shervington for their awesome guides that helped me understand Google Plus when I got started in early April, 2013. #googleplustips #gplustips #tipsfornewbies

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Guys, if you use wordpress, I would suggest adding this as your primary comment plugin. Its a cleaner and more socially engaging way of interacting with each other.

Welcome everyone on this first day of the new Wedding Videography/Cinematography Google plus community. has anyone tried hangouts?
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