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Hello and welcome to Roleplay Paradise!

Please expand this post for all the rules!!!

{{ ~ Rules ~ }}
1. Smut rp is not allowed. If you want to do a smut roleplay, do it over hangouts.
2. Gore is allowed, but please don't overdo it. If it gets serious enough a moderator will tell you to move it to Google Hangouts.
3. Please don't post advertisements in this group. I don't want to be spammed with other groups and random stuff.
4. Put things in the correct categories.
5. No over-powered characters!
6. Any fandom can be roleplayed (so long as it doesn't break the rules), but do not use any character that is owned by the specific creator(s) of that fanbase.
7. You must credit the artist of your piece! If any moderators see you haven't been crediting the artist, you will get a strike.
8. Going along with rule seven, do not use artwork that is made for someone else. People pay money for art, and they do not want characters to be stolen from them. If you need to make a character, fill a lineart or a base and credit the artist.
9. Any type of roleplay format can be used, but please try to use good grammar. No sentences with abbreviations like "He said 2 go over there," or "Why r u upset."

{{ ~ The Strike Mechanism ~ }}
Basically, the Three Strike Mechanism is the warning system. If I see something that goes against the rules, I will give you a warning, but if it happens again, you get a strike, and so on. If you manage to get three strikes you will be removed from the group. I just want to clarify this so it's there.

{{ ~ Moderators ~ }}
+Morgan Bassett

If you have any questions, please ask them below. Thank you for reading!

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{{ ~ Basic Information ~ }}
Full name: Felicia Kae Young
Pronunciation: fey-LEE-see-uh k yəNG
Gender: Female
Birthday: June 13th
Age: Eighteen
(Note: age may vary depending on some roleplays)
Height: 5’5
Weight: 121 lbs.
Appearance: (see picture)

{{ ~ Relationships ~ }}
Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Sister: Samantha Young
Friends: Diana Smith, Sylvia Smith
Boyfriend: Benjamin Blackburne

{{ ~ Bio ~ }}
Abandoned by her parents, Felicia spends her childhood in multiple orphanages, where the owner becomes abusive. Felicia is freed by her sister, but she has a serious infection and manages to pull through. She doesn’t enjoy being hurt, both physically and emotionally. She struggles to pull through her problems, confused by the things she’s feeling.

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