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Saturday Dec. 19th (12-3pm) - FREE HOLIDAY EVENT - Fa-la-lalapalooza (Enjoy champagne, hors d'oeuvres & live music) #RochesterNY

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Saturday Nov. 7th (12-2pm) - FREE KIDS EVENT - Rich the Magic Man (Magic Show, Face Painting, Balloons, Cookies & Cider) #RochesterNY

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Does your yard need a pick-me-up before your July 4th BBQ? Come visit the nursery and check out our sod. Real Grass, Real Fast! Freshly cut every Friday so it's ready to be installed on the weekend.

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This food-tastic "night pub" has agreed to contribute some benjamin's towards a #kickball team this summer. How awesome is that? #RochesterNY

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Shows for children birthday parties, adult birthday parties, weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, graduations, family reunions, and much more! Great parties deserve great magical entertainment! For more information you can contact me through my page or email

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Attention Real-estate agents,
What do you do if you walk into a new listing or any listing and suspect there is a mold problem with the home?
We are going to go over some of the basic do’s and don’ts of walk-throughs when suspecting a mold issue. We will also cover other relevant questions that should be asked when we know for sure there is a mold issue. Re-occurring exposures to mold is extremely dangerous. Human as well as pet immune systems break down over a period of time when re-occurring exposures exist.
This is my listing, when mold is present I need to find out why there is mold? Mold grows as a result of water intrusions. Typical places where water can leak
• Roof leak
• Pipes (entire plumbing system)
• Windows / doors
• HVAC units
• Foundations (cracks)
• Compromised brick or siding
• Sump pump
• Sewer back up
Suspected mold issue but no visual signs of mold. If you do not see mold is it possible there is still a mold issue? How is this possible? 
• Thousands of mold spores can fit on the head of a pin
• Mold spores can be on drywall and not seen
• Mold spores can be on any porous material and not seen
• Mold spores can be in crawl spaces
• Mold spores can be in attics
• Mold spores can be behind drywall
• Fact 80% of ALL structures in this country have some degree of Mold
• When mold is visible, this means the presence of thousands of colony’s of mold, And a real issue
What are the warning signs?
• Same as visible mold
• Itchy eyes
• Running nose
• Headaches
• Trouble breathing
• Flu like symptoms
These are the basics, now what are we going to do about it? If you absolutely must go into a listing that has mold:
• Wear a respirator (not a dust mask)
• Wear goggles 
• Wear latex gloves
• Do not touch anything that looks like mold
• Do not brush up against the walls
• When you leave, throw out the latex gloves and store goggles and respirator in the trunk of your car
• Never knowingly expose a client to mold.
So what do we do if we walk into a listing for the first time and suspect there is a mold problem?
• Leave immediately
• Call AuntieGen, Inc. 607 595 1389
Some other questions for us to think about:
What is my liability as an agent when mold is present in one of my listings?
• Protect my health
• Protect my realty company
• Protect my lively hood

Metro Fitness had a wonderful open house and Health Expo last week please stop in and tell Randy you'd like to check out the gym

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If you need to improve your business marketing give us a call we make sure you get scene

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