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Please if anyone can help them

Hello everyone, I just recently found out that there’s something wrong with my heart. Doctors are unsure what’s exactly wrong with it; but they believe it’s stretching out. I have severe chest pains and I’m always frighteningly cold. They need to do more tests on my heart, so they can treat me and help me. But, I can’t afford to see a cardiologist and my insurance won’t cover any of it. They told me the appointment would be well over $400 just to START. I’m really hurting for money right now.. I need this appointment. So, I’m opening emergency commission for a limited time. I will be accepting paypal and DA points. I’m accepting DA points ONLY BECAUSE they can be transferred over to real money via paypal.

My paypal email is;
my is;
my da is;

Here are my prices, the prices may change depending on the complexity of your character.
I’m also negotiable. Anything helps really, I’ll probably accept a lower offer. I do not do art trades.

Headshot; $2-$5 USD or 200-400 DA points

Bust; $7-$10 USD or 700-900 DA points

Full body; $15-$20 USD or 1000-1700 DA points

Examples of my work;
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This is a reference sheet of my persona. What do you guys think of it?

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Things About Bonstripe Sniper Fox The Vampire Queen

Likes: strawberry,sweets,blood,shade
dislikes: bath,sun(abit),water

bio: she has two mom wich basically her real mom died (becuz of her father) and she has a robot mom and her name its coco the clock worker (since her family been making clock) and Bonstripe was living in a dark town with only vampire and her mother was a fruit bat and her father was a vampire and Bonstripe has friends and dats all

sorry for being active, just alot going on

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Well it's been awhile since I've been here and posted so here have some traditional doodles on my homework.
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India all except digital anymore
Sketches (traditional only)
Part body 10 pt
Fully body 20

Line art
Digital on ibisX paint is 30
Sfw is 70 depends on my mood
NSFW 90 depends on mood
Flat color 70
If I do couples it will be 20 since each character cost 10 pt

Warning I'll never do feitish like scat, Gore etc.

It will take me at least a week for me to finish so don't rush or ill cut off deal...

If you look through my collection you can see all my shitty art lel

Link to my profile:
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I’m sorry for not being on, my grandpa on my dads just got brain surgery and he’s currently recovering

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Doodle dump because I realize I haven't posted here in a while sorry... I'll try and find some refs for you guys
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OTA on him
Points or PayPal are preferred
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