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Big Data Analytics Companies

Hidden Brains is top #bigdataanalyticscompany provides big data analytics services for better business decisions for data. Contact us to get best big data analytics services & solutions.

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The presentation is messy but the content is good. Supports a lot of what I've found in my own work

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How Big Data Failed America | C-SUITE DATA

November 9th, the results from the 2016 US Presidential Election were in. Trump won. Communism won. Racism won. Sexism won. Hate won. That was the narrative we were force fed by the mainstream media, Facebook, and Twitter. In an age of getting pretty much any information we want with a quick google, how can such unsubstantiated claims even be made? Then clicking through my phone I saw a tweet about Big Data failing America. Say what?

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What Is The Chief Data Officer? | C-SUITE DATA

There is a new member of your C-SUITE, the chief data officer, also known as the CDO. Your CDO is a corporate data officer that focuses on making data your new capital, data your new assets, using both to build your data-driven corporation. With your CDO at the helm your data-driven corporation creates the business value needed to multiply your corporation’s revenue growth. To do this your CDO needs to do things in a certain way.

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Top 5 Misconceptions about Big Data | C-SUITE DATA

Big Data is the new buzz word, the new paradigm of data-driven approaches for sharpening our business's competitive edge. Because of Big Data's newness, there are misconceptions, misunderstandings and misinformation about Big Data.

Here are the top 5 misconceptions that push our Big Data initiatives off track.

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When Will We Bow To Our Machine Overlords? | C-SUITE DATA

Sociology is the study of the development, structure, and functioning of our human society. Today our society contains more than us humans. Our society also contains machines; machines made up of data, algorithms, and artificial intelligence (A.I.); machines that develop us, structure us, and support us. They fuel our human intelligence. They fuel our culture. They fuel our prosperity. With things such as self-driving cars, mobile notifications, geo-location, and tweets; the machine is in charge. But the machine is not the overlord depicted in science fiction. The machine is our companion, our partner that supports our success and supports the functioning of our society.

But the support the machine gives us is rudimentary at best. In some aspects, our society has advanced so far with the machine, but in other areas we are years if not decades behind. To take full advantage of the machine we need to catch up in other aspects of our society.

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How Do You Accelerate Your Analysis?

Not too long ago from the ivory tower to the front lines it was straight forward to do analysis. We all came from the same place, the same schools, and we used the same language. We were the same kind of people meeting at the same table. It’s very different today. Today, we are global teams, diverse communities doing group analysis for the global market. We are now so very different, coming from different schools of thought, using different bodies of knowledge, and different business language. Today we are facing new challenges with our analysis; challenges most of us are unprepared for. We need to rise above what we do now, and improve how we analyze as a group.

All effective analysis methodologies follow the same pattern, may they be in engineering, law, or the humanities. By recognizing and following this pattern we can sharpen our competitive edge, fast-track our analysis and mold our culture to transition to data-driven organizations; organizations where Big Data, data science, and artificial intelligence are the norm.

Are you ready to consider SHELL?

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How Do You Interpret The Models That Drive Us? | C-SUITE DATA

An epic battle has raged on since the start of human existence; the battle between certainty and rationality. And it’s fought within our culture, our businesses, and even within our very minds. Certainty is when we know something is right. Rationality is deriving from evidence what is correct. Despite being very different, both perspectives find their way into the same conversations, the same strategic approaches, and the same Big Data and data science methodologies. When not handled right, these perspectives impede the success of Big Data and the models that support it. Let’s explore the differences between certainty and rationality, understand why they historically exist, and increase our awareness for which perspective we’re speaking from.

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Darren Hubert, Chief Architect for Microsoft Services APAC: "IoT is driven by four key concerns: What happened? Why did it happen? What will happen? What should I do?"

"The real promise of IoT is in tying that data together with insight and intelligent action.”

"While capturing data is cool, the real promise of IoT is in tying that data together with insight and intelligent action. The cloud stores and processes data, the data provides insight, with that insight ultimately leading to intelligent action. IoT is really all about large, complex data, which in turn enables new types of insight and new business opportunities."
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