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I am now hiring new staff...
Please read the Community's description to learn how to fill out an application...

Please also note that I am looking for people who will stay active... In other words if you are not commenting or making posts for what I consider a while, you will be fired.

Either way have fun and just be yourself...

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Ash VS Diantha REMATCH!!! Part 1
Diantha's Gardevoir VS Ash's Greninja!!
Awesome Episode!!! Hype Full Fight!!!
This battle was AWESOME!!
QOTD: What did you think of the battle? Let me know in the comments!!
Thanks for watching, and get hyped!!!

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It's true.
See now Pokémon haters? A wise man once said " Winning isn't always everything it's better if you have fun"

(walks in and sees +Touko White) hello. may i make a reservation for 2?

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Welcome to the New and Improved Pokecafe... I will be adding rules and fixing the hiring staff later... For now, just share the community

Stands at entrance So this is the PokeCafe, I wonder what kind of people I'll meet here

comes running in Guys!  Touko!  Anyone!  Something terrible happened!

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Mudkip Pokemon sing Tay Zonday's Chocolate Rain!:
This Pokémon can help.

Most of Big Red Button left during Sonic Booms development. Looks like they unbuttoned themselves from a wrinkled shirt!

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star walks at the door and walks in and makes a milotic noise
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