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Name: Nicole Okumura A.K.A. Black Rock Shooter
Gender: Female
Powers: can close fist and guns will form, real good at karate, and really good at using a sword...the flames don't have really any purpose
Classes: i don't know but i do find a way to be there
Job: Protect my friends and family 
Age: 16
Species: half human half unknown (maybe a demon)
Bio: A mysterious girl in the Otherworld who seems to be a good fighter, but does not give any reason for her fighting. Seems to be a silent hero. desire to solve other people's problems and ignore her own, and thus goes on a rampage to kill "other selves" throughout the Otherworld. A happy-go-lucky girl who's very excitable and hyper. She's very naïve, however, and very closed-minded; she likes to marvel at things, and enjoys playing the guitar. She's also very skilled at basketball and is a bit of a Tomboy (although not quite as much as one would expect from her appearance).
Likes: almost everything
Dislikes: other selves
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Hey. I'm new

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Name: Xein


Alias: crimson Reaper

Gender: male

Race: Wolf Demon

Likes: fighting, death, other like him

Dislikes: demon hunters, some humans

Personality: distant, cold but caring to people he trust

Weapon: Katana blades

Power: control over Wind

Bio: Xein was alone in the wild after his parents were killed by demon hunters when he was a pup. After growing up on his own he entered a high school for demons like him so he can try to interact with others. He mostly trains out in the mountains after school searching for answers of his parents murder.
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walks into class heading towards my seat by the window leaning back in my chair listening to my music another day in class...I muttered yawning ((open rp))

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Name: Tsuki-Silver
Age: 15
Race: Part Angel - Fairy - Human
Personality: Shy and sweet. A bit quiet.Troublemaker.
Powers: Light - Tekekinesis, Teleportation. Telepathy
Bio: She has a sister, Jessica who is younger than her by 2 minutes but is a mortal.  Her mother died giving birth to them. Her father left the twins.

Name: Jessica
Age: 15
Race: Human
Personality: Bubbly, sweet. Loud. But a total teacher's pet.
Bio Same a Tsuki's.
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Name: Andria "Andi" Clarkson
Age: 17
Year: junior
Gender: female
Personality: bookworm, shy towards boys, nerdy, smart, Staight A student.
Bio: Um....Hi. I come from a very high class family, but instead of bragging about it, I'm more of an outcast at school. I'm in my third year of high school and still don't have many friends. I hope you guys will except me and my faults...Umm...thanks.

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"meow? whats a geometry? is it yummy?"

Name: Taokaka

Gender: Female

Race: kaka

Appearance:she has the standard kaka cloak and shoes [although she is said to dress very skimply underneath the outfit] [id rather not go into details] and her face [like all kaka] is never revealed just 2 red beady eyes and a toothy grin.

Personality: taokaka is the embodiment of innocence being brave and determined to protect her friends and family she is a great person [even chirismatic enough to win the tough hearted ragna as a friend] however she unfortunatly has a severe case of adhd and is not quite bright she forgets info 3 seconds after hearing it and even befriends targets [even somehow confusing ragna and rawgnya] and uses nicknames to remember people and is rarly interested in subjects or missions [unless foods involved] and says meow alot [which is normal for a kaka]

Weaponry: she has claws that can change form [with seither] ranging from hooks to regular claws, blades, chainsaws, mini blades, ect.

Abilities:taokaka is very fast and agile darting around with lighning fast combos and lethal precision and tao can utilize seither to augment her abilitys and she is rather acrobatic.

History: [don't know much] she first met ragna as a kitten and when he was traveling with jubei she was traveling with the elder she was initially afraid of ragna [my thought is because she is biologically related to jubei and he battled the black beast so she instinctivly sensed the black beast in him and felt fear though she later lost this acute instinct as a teen] when she grew up she was tasked with capturing ragna to save the kaka and secure a new homeland for them a task she is comically mentally unprepared for and is later told by jubei to follow him to ikaruga to watch him at the end of continuum shift and begining of cronophantisma

role in class: the funny stupid one who loves cooking class and gym and is bff's with kokonoe who loves chemistry who has a secret crush on ragna and tries to get him to return feelings but as a running gag they fail.
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