Please solve volte problem in Nubia Z9 mini.

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I Am using MK60.1-dior-170418-HISTORY Dior Rom on Redmi Note 4g after installing rom and signing in when I start installing app suddenly everything force closes and goes into boot loop ..attaching logcat and tombstone .. I don't face any such issue with mokee nougat rom MK71.2-dior-201710280505-NIGHTLY or above .. just on marshmallow rom ..can you assist me on this issue

Installed MK71.2-X3-201710312345 at Lenovo X3c50. All microphone work without noise remover. A strong echo during a talk.

All build

Not working VoLTE via special SIM with ISIM application, contained IMS configuration inside.

S5 sm-g900fd not sim bug fix mokee ROM please?

Good morning I wanted to know if you could somehow remedy the problem of video recording, as the camera records videos but then when you want them the picture is blocked and you just hear the sound. how do i have a Nubia z11 max .. can you give me a tip? Thank you.

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Lol 30% battery life, 8 hours left and i'm using phone, not locked.

DEVICE: Redmi 3 Prime (IDO)
BUILD: From 2017-10-11 up to today build 2017-10-26 and mostly sure all next incoming builds

16 days and I'm keep counting.
Ok, looks like I'm the only one using this rom or I don't know. The last functional build was 2017-10-10, after that, in all new builds RIL (Mobile data to be specific) doesn't work anymore.

God bless you Mokee, every day you are worst. T-T

Logs? For what? I published a lot for different bugs on a few devices (falcon, peregrine, titan, surnia, K5 Plus, OP3) and has been never solved or at least a fuckng answer like, we can't solve it or we are working on it.

Bye bye Mokee, I'm sorry.

I have STRANGE WEIRD HUGE bugg. When i'm in car, i repeat ALWAYS ONLY WHEN I'M IN CAR and moving, my phone turn off and long vibrate. I turn on phone and afther one minute, somethimes 2,3 or phone again turn off and long vibrate!
When i stop car, get insade and just go on street, phone i pocked, everithing is normall wich phone.
Also when i'm at home phone work normall, turn off mavey once in two days, but when i seet in car and drive afther 5 minutes phone turn off again, and again.

Mabey is prpblem wich some sensors...

GPRS off, BT off, Location off, everithing always is OFF only 3,4G network and WiFi.

This weird bugg i never seen before on any phone amd any wersions of Mokee roms like on last 5-10 roms.
Earlyer we have only WiFi bugg when phone lost signal they turn off amd long vibrate like i sayd before.

Zuk Z2 Pro. Clock Crash everytime. Can not Set Alarm or anything Else.
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