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i got a zuk z2 pro running nightly 29/05/2017 if i take a photo using flash activated, crashes camera app. Ineed to reboot to use it again. i also try with snap camera 8.2.7. i can take a photo sometimes (other times gets crashed) but the flash isn't synchronized with shutter

(this pictuer is what i get taking a photo using flash)

Riscontro dei problemi con mokee su Nubia Z11. Spesso trovo il cellulare spento e son costretto a premere il tasto Power per circa 20 30 secondo per accenderlo. Le gapps installate sono le Pico. Qualcuno di voi ha riscontrato questo problema o sa da cosa possa dipendere? Grazie mille.

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Habe Zuk Z2(kein pro)Nun ja, anscheinend zeigen die Entwickler von diese Rom keine Interesse was für Bugs es gibt!! Habe vor 2 Tagen schon Mal geschrieben(26.5.17), Glaube,dass bringt hier gar nichts,wenn man schreibt welche Bugs es gibt,es werden keine Fehler behoben!!

Applicazione Zeus si blocca in modo anomalo. Cos'è?

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Home button alingment is still not ok on "otus" 27-05-17 build

Just updated my lenovo A6010.
(Upgrade to this version MK71.2-wt86528-201705271828-NIGHTLY)
1. Rear Camera not working
2. Battery charging is Slow (charging while power off does not tally when its On)

How to fix?

Nubia Z9 mini (NX511J)
Hotspot error.
Volte not working.
Camera focus problem in still and video mode.

Hello! I tried installing the latest version of mokee nougat 7.1.2 .. it starts well but then in the configuration guide, just after choosing the system language, any option you choose to set applications from an account Google, Apple , Or I choose recovery from scratch .. everything crashes and tells me about language choice .. then be the fault of gapps that are not compatible? Having a Nubia z11 max use gapps arm64 7.1 nougat .. could anyone give me a tip for courtesy? thank you

I used build 28-5-17 on mi4 (cancro)
Known bug is
1. Bluetooth audio not working (connected but no sound there)
2. Infrared not working

Bugs in 71.2-20179525 on Zuk Z2 Pro:

- Volume changes itself (just with Phone Speakers)
- Clock and alarm arent working
- Homebutton isnt working right (like on Mokee Android 6)
- Camera App doesnt work
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