Having problems on the network 4G update ROM MK7.1.2-dior-201704270615-nightly for Xiaomi Note 4g. Please fix

Moto e2 surnia, versão mais recente dá mokee não está funcionando o live display, quando entro na opção "live display" as configurações para!

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Zuk z2pro
Camera flash doesn't work, if you activate it camera freezes and you have to restart phone.
Can't install Google camera.
Sound is low.
Some FC with black screen and blue notification LED. You have to press 10 seconds power button to restart phone.


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Zuk z2 freeze. Display blind with agressive energy saving.

alguem poderia colocar a funcao de fazer a montagem do cartao sd em memoria interna

In my opinion, Aegis doesn't work as it should.

In my opinion, aegis does not work as it should.

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I've fixed your ROM in my own way. The menu display is not classic anymore.

Hopefully you are aware of all this.

Zuk Z2 (MK60.1-z2-170413-RELEASE) camera stops working after trying to upload a video to Instagram. Reboot is needed to bring back the camera to life.

Hello Devs. I am user of the Galaxy J5 and the front camera flash does not sync and with that the photos are coming out dark when there is no good lighting, and especially in apps like whatsapp, facebook, messenger, instagram and etc. Thank you for the great work and the very good rom you are offering.

When i plug the headphone the soube play in the headphone André in the speaker moto g2
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