Versão Mokee
Android 7.1.2
Obs; ( nessa versão o flash da câmera não está ativando , o Lenovo Zuk Z2 pro trava por completo quando liga o flash da câmera ...resolvam isso por favor.

We must await the arrival of the Weekly versions and take advantage of the one at hand. In my most sincere opinion, without a doubt, it is the ROM that best plays the role of performance and battery saving. I am sure that very soon the Mokee will be between 95 to 100%.

版本 201707190130-NIGHTLY

I have installed the rom but I'm experiencing video lag in every app.... I thought it was the app that was buggy but every app I installed played the video the same..... When playing this same video in another phone.... No lag was found.... But from what I noticed, it was when playing the video then opening any other thing like going to the home screen or even another app, that the lagging started..... I love the rom and the phone for its audio system.... But this happening makes it horrible...... Please fix this....

Mi telefono Samsung Galaxy S3 AT&T tiene la rom Mokee con la actualizacion mas resiente y esta presentando muchos problemas de calentamiento, cuando antes no estaba asi, tambien me dice que Android.proces se detuvo o falla 

Sometimes you open câmera to start a vídeo and the vídeo screen freezes and show the message: cannot conect with the camera. Even killing The app and starting again doesn't work. Zuk Z2 latest nightlie 

Zuk Z2 mokee 7 lastest nightlie 20170721: when I activate battery saving The menu and notification bar keeps flashing, showing desktop and flickering The screen continuously

Добрый день! Сделал два пожертвования по 5 долларов, но панель mokee настойчиво сообщает, что пожертвования произведены не были. Соответствующие письма от пэйпал с указанием уплаченных сумм есть. Подскажите, нужно набраться терпения и ждать или есть какое то решение?!

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Could you correct the black screen when rotating in Moto g falcon? It's annoying that half the right side of the screen goes black when you rotate the content of the screen. In applications like (Facebook, YouTube and Chrome) the problem occurs much more often.

I was forced to abandon this great ROM because of the instability of the WIFI, it is falling a lot. It never stabilizes, it oscillates all the time and out of nowhere it falls, when it goes far beyond falling, it locks the screen completely. Either the LOS or RR works flawlessly at this particular point. In terms of performance Mokee is on an equal footing with both. But usability is not 100% like both.

(Galaxy S3 I9300)
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