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1. Issues with donations/license in MoKee Center? Please email us describing your problem IN ENGLISH and don't forget to include your unique ID shown in MoKee Center (you can long press the ID to copy)
2. Bugs that occur when using your own modifications (e.g. custom kernel, Xposed etc) will NOT be entertained. Your own mod your own risk.
3. No ETA posts
4. Post in ENGLISH and the right sections! Bug reports should go to the bug reports section. Reports without logcats (useful ones, not just any random logs and including build version and device name) or rude ones will usually get ignored 99% of the time. Remember that we don't owe you anything.
5. Interested to help in translation? Read this:

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Please fix google contact not syncing issue on mokee 71.2
Many users have reported this issue

Please, remove Xposed and Root in inbuilt mokee build for Moto G4 play harpia. With this mods, google play don´t have certified and bank app don´t work. Thanks.

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Mokke update oreo ?

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There is a bug, I know what it is.
After the last update, the contacts are no longer synchronizing the contacts.
I'm using Moto G4 Play.
I've tested other cunstom roms and everything is fine, the contacts are synchronizing everything right.
I had to get a vCard file with the contacts and import it like that.

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I found a boring bug the wi-fi is off by itself.
When I'm on Facebook on YouTube or Netflix, the wi-fi simply shuts off.
Every time I turn off my cell phone it will not sound 2 or 3 minutes hence the normal one is already a few months old.
Currently the Wi-Fi is fucked
I am currently using the mot4 g4 play

Lag video camera in Moto x 2014...8.1
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