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Can Google Glass help users determine their stress levels? 

We already have many ways for people to determine their stress levels without the aid of a device. However, some people don't clue in easily, or have learned the habit of overriding and dismissing early cues to moderate to high stress. 

This could be interesting. 

For the rest of us, a rising stress level is not always a bad thing. It depends on what you are doing, for how long the stress is experienced, and more importantly, what you do in response to it. 

I know my stress levels are going off the charts three minutes before a race, but this is good stress. I don't do anything harmful with it, choose not to overreact, and I don't medicate it away. Within a few hours, the stress response will decrease. In that window of time, I don't overeat, I refuse to reach for anything that will disturb my stomach, and I accept that a certain amount of soreness or pain is just fine. 

What I think Google Glass could be good for is low lying, ongoing stress levels that people have a harder time detecting. If it could be fine tuned enough to register such things as subtle grimaces, or ask questions about behaviors such as restless pacing and teeth grinding, we're onto something!

What do you think of using Glass as a "stress detector"?

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I'm going to be speaking at the +UW (University of Washington) ISIS (institute of simulation and interprofessional studies) on Wednesday at 4pm next week about using +Google Glass in surgical training. This will be a great opportunity to network with this group! +Jeris JC Miller+Timothy Clemans

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Hello #SeattleGlassExplorers

Let me know what you think about this article. It suggests Google Glass was released less as a product and more like a grand social experiment (we know it couldn't actually be a REAL social experiment, because of the ethical implications of such).

I'm presenting on the topic of how technology shapes social behavior and would appreciate any opinions you have on the subject, personal and professional. 

For those of you who haven't updated your Google Glass to XE 16.1, you might want to wait (don't get on WiFi and try to update quite yet). 

For the latest posts on Project Glass' forum page where you can report difficulties:

+Timothy Clemans  have you seen this?

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Terribly written article, but I'm curious if anyone in this group is involved in this project?

In the #SeattleGlassExplorer  community, we value Honesty, Integrity, Transparency, Respect, Authenticity, Vulnerability, and Giving Back. 

In helping our entire community respect the decision of  any private business owner who bans the use of Glass or any recording device on its premises, I'd like to establish the list of those businesses here. 

Adding to Lost Lake Cafe and the 5 Point Cafe, please share if you know of a business who has banned Glass use on its premises (besides sensitive environments, such as a workplace or hospital). 

With a list, we could inform our own people to be respectful and not wear Glass at those establishments. 

At the same time, if you know of a restaurant or bar that welcomes Google Glass, please also post it here. 

Thank you!

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I printed a camera cover at +Metrix Create:Space today. They should be able to run one off in a few minutes if anyone wants a copy. It should mute some of the attention that wearing Glass draws.
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Interesting article about Ari and gestures for the Android stack.

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For those of you who missed the Google Glass Roadshow fun run at Greenlake yesterday, we tested Strava Run on Glass. 

How to use Strava Run for Google Glass:
1. Set up a free account on the Strava app on your mobile phone.
2. Go to Glassware on your phone
3. Toggle Strava Run to "on"
4. Make sure the Strava app "populates" into your Glass unit. You should see a "Welcome to Strava" Timecard shortly in your Glass unit. 
4. To start a run, use the Voice Command, "Ok Glass, start a run". 
5. Make sure you carry your mobile phone linked to Glass with you during the run!

Strava Run will record elevation gain, split times, distance covered, and pace. You will need to scroll to the word "Finish" at the end of the run to manually discontinue the data collection on that run. 

Strava Run will then archive your run and stats to your profile, including a map of where you ran. You can later add weekly goals and share your runs with others. The app works similarly for Strava Cycle. I noticed the Premium version of Strava Run and Cycle has the ability to integrate your Heart Rate monitor readings and other data similar to Garmin products and services. 

At this moment, my Garmin watch is a compelling item to use for long distances in my triathlon training (no worries about battery, no need to carry a phone, and free integration of Heart Rate and power info) but I can see this app with Glass integration becoming better and better over time. 

One extra note: while it's not quite accurate for me, did you see the listing on the right of the running shoes I'm wearing? You can conceivably track how many miles you ran in a pair of shoes, which can be helpful when you are rotating shoes for marathon training. Clever! 

Thanks to the #googleglassroadshow  team helping us get up and running on this Glassware app!

Here's the stats of the sample run. 

Anyone else tried Strava Run or Cycle? How do you like it? 

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Are you excited, Seattle? See you tomorrow morning at #Greenlake  !  In the meantime, here's a fun thing #Google  invited me to do yesterday :)
Thanks Tom Ross for welcoming +Chelsea Maughan and me to the +KIRO Radio studios yesterday to talk about +Google Glass
Getting ready for a fun weekend here in Seattle with the Glass team!
KIRO7 Radio Interview
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