What Do You See?? We are home of #SOGE for the Pacific Northwest Region
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Jeris JC Miller

Discussion  - 
+YouTube has a #VR Evangelist +Scott Broock
A virtual reality dealmaker for startup Jaunt jumps to Google.
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About this community

This Community was started for the First Generation of Google #GlassExplorers in the Puget Sound & Pacific NorthWest Region to share information and connect around #Glass projects and initiatives. We are the Official #SOGE Hub for the Pacific Northwest Region which includes AK, WA & OR. We were created and launched by Jeris JC Miller and Co-Founded by Imei Hsu and Heather Evans and we are also Moderated by Jeris, Imei, Heather and Brenda Cooper. *Our Core Community Values Include: Respect, Honesty, Integrity, Transparency, Authenticity, Trust, Vulnerability and Giving Back!*
Seattle, WA, OR & AK United States

Jeris JC Miller

Discussion  - 
Google Glass quietly closes it's Social Media channels ... hopefully in preparation for #ProjectAura
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