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To my fellow gamers,

Many of you are new to the world of augmented reality gaming (ARG). It is an exciting, eye-opening experience and we are delighted to have you join us in this adventure.

Quite a few of us are familiar with ARGs from playing Ingress. Over the past three and a half years, we have held events and explored the world together, creating communities and friendships that will last a lifetime. Our efforts in Ingress have been directly involved in the creation of Pokemon Go.

The chaos we have seen in the last week with the release of Pokemon Go has us concerned about the future of ARG and what we have worked so hard to build. Relationships that we have built with our local communities as Ingress players are being strained because of the inappropriate, disrespectful, immature behavior of a few. People are requesting removal of Poke stops, gyms, and Ingress portals because of this.

The buck stops here.

Gamers - Trespassing: Don't do it. If it's private property, ask for permission. Don't sneak through backyards or try to access buildings that are closed. Just don't. If it's public property, but has hours that control access, don't go when they are closed.
- Littering and vandalism: Don't do it. The world is your playground, not your garbage can. If you bring stuff with you when you play, dispose of it properly or take it out with you. Do not mark or destroy things that do not belong to you. Do not take things that do not belong to you.
- Respect: Give it. If you are asked to leave a specific place by someone of authority, leave. Don't create a fuss. You're playing a game. It's not life or death, or worth the trouble it will cause. Also, respect people on other teams. This should be a friendly rivalry. They are not your enemies. They simply made a different choice than you did.
- Sense: Have some. Think about what you do before you do it. Don't stand in the middle of the road because you see a Pokemon there. Don't play and drive. Don't camp out at a cemetery with canopies and coolers of drinks and stomp over graves or try to access locked rooms or disturb the peace in a museum. Again, it's a game.
- Ego: Let go of it. You are not entitled to a Pokemon. Period. It doesn't matter where it is, when it is, or why. We will not tolerate behavior that endangers or violates places or people.

To the public - We're sorry for the actions of our peers. What you have been affected by affects us too. We want a peaceful and respectful coexistence. We hear your concerns. We ask for your patience and understanding. If there are issues, we want to hear about them so we can make things better.

This game is doing wonderful things for people, things you probably aren't hearing about in the news. People are becoming more active. They're playing outside and making new friends. Some have even become eyes and ears for the communities they play in. It has the potential to become so much more.

Be the very best, folks. Like no one ever was.

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