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Asyifatul Madinah with glamour Kebaya. The Kebaya consists of the blouse (kebaya) of cotton, silk, lace, brocade or velvet, with the central opening of the blouse fastened by a central brooch (kerongsang) where the flaps of the blouse meet. Traditional kebaya had no buttons down the front. A typical three-piece kerongsang is composed of a kerongsang ibu (mother piece) that is larger and heavier than the other two kerongsang anak (child piece). Kerongsang brooch often made from gold jewelry and considered as the sign of social status of aristocracy, wealth and nobility, however for commoners and peasant women, simple and plain kebaya often only fastened with modest safety pin (peniti).
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At Rumah Budaya Tembi, Bantul, Jogja. An event by Jogja Pro, Elvira House of Kebaya, Sherly Mua, Puspa Mua, Rere Mua

صباح الخيررررر
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