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To everyone that has taken the time to share your time... your stories... your knowledge here. THANK YOU!

This community has been a great source of knowledge and encouragement to me. I never really thought we'd have so many people here! It's amazing watching the community grow like it is. 

With this growth has come the challenge of Self Promotion. ... Trust me, I get it. I have been guilty of it myself. Many of us have blogs and videos that we desperately want to get views on. I do too.

There is a place and time for all of that. I'm learning that the Google+ communities isn't really good for that. Here's how I am going to propose that we try to control this a little.

1. Do not post directly to your blog. Post a picture from your blog with some thoughts about it. This will lead to conversations. Conversations lead to relationships. Relationships lead to followers... see where this is going?

2. When you post a video, share your thoughts about it so we can have a conversation about it.

I will be gently giving reminders about this. If the gentle reminders don't work, then I will start removing posts. ... last resort, I will block users who continually Hit and Run.

You are valuable here. Work with me on this.

Save the Hit and Run self promotions for Pinterest!

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My dwarf apricot tree produced a bit of fruit this year. Haven't weighed it but I'd guess there is at least 1kg there.
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Broccoli Getting a Tan? 12/16/17

Broccoli Getting a Tan? As ridiculous as it sounds Steve’s boys from Walterboro have tan broccoli. Steve called me tonight about his boys' broccoli plant leaves. They are now a tan color. There is no residue on the leaves. He told me that in a matter of weeks their beautiful dark green leaves turn to a tan color. The stalk is still green and the crown is green. The plants look healthy except for the discoloration of the leaves - no wilting. So what should be done,

The reason behind this particular condition can be attributed to several things, but the origin of this phenomenon is a lack of nitrogen. Initially, I thought it might have been because of the 20-degree temperatures last week. Broccoli is very sensitive to temperature changes that is the reason I sell Green Magic plants in the fall and Emerald plants in the spring. After some research and consideration of the facts, I think it is a lack of nitrogen though. Broccoli is a heavy feeder and needs lots of nitrogen on a regular basis. {I had a post on this factor this past fall - with the graph and explanation. [I will try to look it up and repost it for us at a later time.] } I suggested to Steve that his boys should put some 34-0-0 otherwise known as calcium nitrate to their broccoli every two weeks.

Urea is a nitrogen source that can be used with broccoli but remember it is very unstable. When applying urea make sure you cover it up with some topsoil because if it is left exposed to the atmosphere it can be leached away. Leaching can also occur when there is heavy rain or irrigation. I would encourage those who use this type nitrogen to apply it only if there are sufficient amounts of calcium already in their soil. [Calcium is a key ingredient for healthy broccoli plants.] If you use this type fertilizer, it would be a good idea also to make small applications of urea on a weekly or at least a bi-weekly rate. Steve is going to send me some pictures of his field of broccoli on Monday and we are going to discuss his situation again at that time. If there is any further development with this condition I will pass it along to all of you.

Always remember folks I am here for you. You have a problem. I have a problem. Together we will use whatever resources we have to correct the problem. I will try and help you if you will let me know what’s going on. I am never to busy to help you have a successful crop. Working for you. Admiral

Sorry I could not find a picture of this condition to post. I will post Steve's picture on Monday.

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Make your own ornaments in salt dough. I used kitchen cupboard foodstuffs, scraps and had a great deal of fun! All the very best from Normandie, Sue

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Homemade Kasuri Methi from Fenugreek Leaves-Make Organic Kasuri Methi in Microwave-Kitchen Tip-ASMR

#Fenugreek #leaves #organic #kasurimethi #microwave #kitchentip #fresh #homemade #green #vegetable #foodblog

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About 60 hours of being cooped up in the hives these bees were READY to be released!

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The greenhouse is getting close to being built. Here is the second video of the project. Feel free to share to anyone looking to build one with reused materials.
So far it's only cost about $500 and everything else has been free.
Greenhouse update. Please share around

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Building a greenhouse with 90% reused material at my garden for use for next spring.

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Got the antler handle mounted last night. A coworker gave me a puck of bees wax to seal the inside with so I'll do that next week. I still need to burn and age the antler but pretty happy with how it's coming together.
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