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#HoloLens 3D Spectator asset for #Unity3d by +Roland Smeenk

Convert your HoloLens app into a live spectator view that runs on a desktop PC with a depth camera ( #Kinect V2 or #Intel #RealSense D400)

#MixedReality #AugmentedReality #AR

Guys! We need your help. Does anyone have a copy of the older RealSense SDK - Runtime

Please upload it somewhere - we really need it for compatibility.

Would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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A new structured light #algorithm for fast and precise depth estimation that removes the need for correspondence matching.

Sean Ryan Fanello, Christoph Rhemann, Vladimir Tankovich, Adarsh Kowdle, Sergio Orts Escolano, David Kim, Shahram Izadi

Structured light sensors are popular due to their robustness to untextured scenes and multipath. These systems triangulate depth by solving a correspondence problem between each camera and projector pixel. This is often framed as a local stereo matching task, correlating patches of pixels in the observed and reference image. However, this is computationally intensive, leading to reduced depth accuracy and framerate. We contribute an algorithm for solving this correspondence problem efficiently, without compromising depth accuracy. For the first time, this problem is cast as a classification-regression task, which we solve extremely efficiently using an ensemble of cascaded random forests. Our algorithm scales in number of disparities, and each pixel can be processed independently, and in parallel. No matching or even access to the corresponding reference pattern is required at runtime, and regressed labels are directly mapped to depth. Our GPU-based algorithm runs at a 1KHz for 1.3MP input/output images, with disparity error of 0.1 subpixels. We show a prototype high framerate depth camera running at 375Hz, useful for solving tracking-related problems. We demonstrate our algorithmic performance, creating high resolution real-time depth maps that surpass the quality of current state of the art depth technologies, highlighting quantization-free results with reduced holes, edge fattening and other stereo-based depth artifacts.



#Kinect #RealSense #DepthCamera #3D

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Hands - Channel 9 (Microsoft)

In this episode of 'Context', we take a look at working with #hands starting with some simple ideas around using pointers for #touch, #mouse, #pen and then branching off into the #3D plane with cameras like the #Kinect for Windows V2 and Intel's #RealSense F200 camera.
with Andrew Spooner and Mike Taulty

Here's a breakdown of the show;

[00:00] Hello!
[00:20] Welcome to the show - Faces.
[04:47] Vox Pops
[06:04] Show Me the Code
[27:10] CTRL-Z
[31:20] README.txt

Hands (Channel 9)
Hands (Channel 9)

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