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My newest blog post, showing some of the important mental processes involved in overcoming procrastination.

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10 Anti-Procrastination Tips

Good morning everyone!

I just released my newest eBook, 23 Anti-Procrastination Habits: How to Stop Being Lazy and Get Results in Your Life

As the title suggests it is all about how to beat #procrastination

Here is a graphic showing off 10 of the 23 Anti-Procrastination habits.  Each has it's own chapter in the eBook.

The eBook is up on Amazon, and priced for only 99 cents, for a limited time.  If you happen to be someone who occasionally procrastinates, I hope you will check the book out, and leave a comment if it is something that gives you some good help in defeating procrastination.

Thanks, and have a wonderful and productive week.

Here is the link to Amazon to check it out: #gtd #procrastinate #habitsofsuccessfulpeople  

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Will explain later...

Procrastinated to accept the invitation :) 

just got around to joining this group - what did i miss so far ?

Wow! Already 5 members! I think we've reached quorum, so I'm gonna go ahead and plan a meeting. Is June-ish too soon?

I could have joined yesterday

One day, this community will do something BIG!

I feel like I accepted this invitation too soon. I should have put it off.
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