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RESU Gel (RE placing SUgar) – a new concept that provides you Ready-made, Easy, Sustaining &  Unique sugar substitute syrup base in gel form.

RESU Gel is Ready made base that every syrup or suspension formulation requires. RESU Gel just dosenot replaces sugar but also extends support of other inactive ingredients such as thickening agent to reduce your burden in preparing base for syrup.

RESU Gel is Easy to use, easy to store and makes your process very easy, timely and helps in consistent performance every time. RESU Gel is Sustaining at wide pH range (from 2 to 8) and thus is useful for a broad range of therapeutic segments be it antibiotic, antimalarial, nutraceutical, cough syrup, digestive syrup or others.

RESU Gel is a Unique base with a bunch of benefits that you have never thought of.
RESU gel -a syrup base in gel form contains :

Concentrated (10 : 1) mixture i.e. for One litre of preparation, just 100 gm RESU gel is sufficient. So now, one can use a smaller size of bottle for higher volume then used earlier.
Artificial sweetener (Aspartame, acesulfame-k, Sucralose) which is nonnutritive and having no calorie potential. It sweets more than sugar but in a comparatively very low quantity. It not only prevents tooth decay but is also good for diabetic patients.
Thicknening agent in the form of polysaccharide gum which provides harmonious viscosity and specific gravity. It gives excellent cling properties and helps stabilizing the preparation. It gives a rich mouth feel when used in oral liquids.
Preservative makes journey of the preparation safe till its shelf -life by preventing microbial growth. We use broad spectrum preservative effective against many bacterial and fungal growth.
Taste masking agent makes the preparation more palatable leading to enhanced patient compliance and improved dosage adherence. We use Glycyrrhiza glabra(Yastimadhu, Jethimadh) – a time honoured agent that not only masks the bad taste but also bad odour of various ingredients of the preparation.

All these agents are compatible with wide range of drugs and chemicals. The syrup base is good even for herbal / ayurvedic oral liquid preparations. Such bases are quite frequently used in food products and confectionary preparations
Besides, RESU gel offers solubility in both hot water and cold water solvents and looks attractive with transparant clarity.
Apart from this, the gel form of RESU Gel reduces the bulk – an advantage during its storage as compared to other liquid syrup bases.
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