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I wrote a contra/square hybrid dance, would love to get some feedback from other dancers or callers. What's a good way to share? Anyone want to comment?

It's still fairly raw, tested once.

Win this fabulous Twirly Dance Skirt hand-made by Kelsey Hartman! Register by May 15 for BACDS American Dance and Music Week, July 2-7, 2017, near San Francisco CA.

Every AmWeek camper registered by May 15 is automatically entered into the drawing to win this one-of-a-kind dance skirt. It could be YOU, but only if you are registered for camp on or before May 15.

There's still room!

Music by:
The Moving Violations [from New England]: Van Kaynor, Ron Grosslein, Eric Eid-Reiner
Joyride [from Portland, OR]: George Penk, Erik Weberg, Jeff Kerssen-Griep, Sue Songer
The Whoots [hot Bay Area musicians]: Jim Oakden, Shira Kammen

Contras and Squares with callers Bob Isaacs [NJ] and Deb Comly [AZ]

Traditional Crafts with Rachel Olguin

Music and Dance Musicianship Workshops led by program staff musicians

Tune-writing, Sight-reading, Dance Composition, Dance Calling workshops

Camper Band, Waltzing Before Breakfast, Trash English, Late-Night Shenanigans

It's a 5-ring circus, with something for everyone all through the day and night. (Sorry, you'll have to choose your own time to sleep.)

More details are online at including workshop and program summaries, staff bios, photos of past years' camps, and lots more.

That moment when a girl is swung to you and says: I remember you! your _____!
just to be remembered is fun by itself!

I'm fairly new to this whole thing.
Could anyone explain if there are different
Styles of Contra. Some dances seem to
Have time for flourishes and such and some
Don't. Kinda confusing...
love the dance though! Thanks.

Tomorrow night in Silver Spring, Space Tiger (myself, Graham DeZarn and Keith Carr will be playing for contras in the Civic Center's great hall. I might play the cornamuse, so you should probably come dance...

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This is a new fabulous map site that I'll add to the links in this community. Have a look to see if there are any dances nearby to you that you may not know about yet! If not? Start one!!

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Join me in Dallas in April!  How many of you will I see out on the dance floor??

I'm considering trying to call a contra dance in Mumbai India at a local meetup. Only one other person here has heard of/danced contra. Would it be possible or just a nightmare to call a contra where only one person on the floor knows what to do and where to go? I've experienced the disaster of a dance couple with no experience before and I can't decide if an entire line would be able to dance by the end of the night or not. Thoughts? Advice? Dances to call?

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It's coming up quick! One of my favorite dance weekends of the year because, really, how can a lights out Halloween dress up contra dance get any cooler???  Well, when you add all your friends it can! 

Come down and join us for FAF 2014 in Austin TX!!!

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It's going to be one crazy weekend! Two awesome bands and two super awesome callers! Get your dance shoes on and hit the floor in Seattle!
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