this is crazy. Both of us felt instant attraction.  We knew/ know each other instantly. she was homeless and took residence with this guy with a lot of money and came to me and told me why, security. She said she loves me  and now we sneak to see each other.  Its the greatest most secure relationship Ive ever found.  I never thought I would be in a spot like this.. I hate her sleeping with someone else but the soulmate thing is so strong. I've tried to break up and she won't let go and I don't want let go either. . I want her all the time but have this strange security in the way she loves me... I can't support her and the other guy is super insecure and knows that she is in love with me and that we sneek so he is up her ass all the is a bitch

I am torn between 2 very different men. The average good guy willing and the big hot soldier seeking my attention.
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