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Welcome new members, to this community. Please do follow the rules and if you have ANY questions than don't hesitate to ask me alright. 

Have fun~

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Melody of the 80's rock type pop used as musical theme in the movie "Larry Crowne" with Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts.
I hope they like it with the tender girls of the MMD. Greetings and thanks for looking.

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Japanese children's melody, very tender, I hope you like it danced with the tender girls of the MMD. Greetings and thanks for looking.

Hello everyone o w o! I am STILL I wouldn't leave this community at all :3! So i was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to boost this place up?? To keep it more alive and expand it to something much more. Help would be nice and needed.

Thank you so much for reading <3

I changed the communities profile image to something i made like a while back o3o..I hope ya'll don't mind. IF you wish it to be changed and into something ya'll made for the community. Than go right ahead and ask me :3 i'll change it for ya'll.

Owner-San Out~

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Melody from the late 70's that hit a lot mainly because of its strength, hopefully they like it with the cute girls of the MMD. Greetings and thank you for looking.

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Very beautiful melody popularized in the movie "Shrek", hopefully like this version with Kaito and the cute girls of the MMD. Greetings to all and thank you for looking.

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Hi guys, is the firts time that i share a post here, well, i really speak spanish, but i can understand the english a bit.

Fine, i want say that i opened a new channel, in him, i going to create a very interesting content, in MMD obviously. And probably also i going to upload models created by me that i'll also share here, that is all.

Thank you for your atention.

(I created the images and the trailer of the channel)

New Channel:


Hola chicos. esta es la primera vez que comparto algo aqui, bueno, realmente hablo español, pero puedo entender un poco el ingles.

Bien, quiero decir que abrí un nuevo canal, en el, voy a crear un contenido muy interesante, en MMD obviamente. Y probablemente también suba modelos creados por mi que también compartiré aquí, eso es todo.

Gracias por tu atención.

(Yo hice las imágenes y el trailer del canal)

Nuevo Canal:

To those who are members on here and actually post on here. Thank you so much for doing so. For those who haven't posted at all i advice to post something on here or leave my community. I don't like members who don't post for a shit ton of days or even years. Don't join a community just to make it look fancy on your profile. Actually POST on it. Not dealing with people like that.

On another news i know that i haven't been posting at all on here. And i apologize for not posting but i've just been booked. Trying to make mmd work properly requires for me to get a new laptop which i am hopefully going to get? Who knows but um..I will say that just because i am gone doesn't mean i moderate this community and check up on you guys. I'm okay and love that ya'll post MMD related stuff on here. It really is great but please keep at it o u o. Means allot when people post on this tiny community of mine. What else? I will post but not as much sorry. I haven't touched google plus at all for quite some time..reason is because i have moved on from it. But not from the communities that i am. I'm gonna make it clear i may be un active and in active for here but that doesn't mean i'm gone. Heck no! Still alive just tag me on a post or ask me anything and i will respond.

But yeah i'm focusing on getting my shit together. For now just enjoy the community and of course if you need help don't hesitate to ask. And others as well. DO help each other out. Thank you for reading.

Owner-San Out~

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New model wip!
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