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I can't even search by keyword after the last update (October 22 & November 6).
Search function still not working.

Do You know what makes keep, the no.1 in its market?

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If you want to recommend Keep to anyone, this is a primer for them.

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¿Cuál es el link para ser un betatester de Google Keep?

I am currently exploring the opportunity to move to diaspora* as social network.
They have made the following internal announcement for those G+ communities that plan to move:

Dr.Edward Morbius
A request to Members, Moderators, and Owners of Google+ Communities
Through several recent conversations, I’m realising that G+ Communities need to both migrate their users and the community itself, ranging from small groups to 400,000+ member, 2,000-3,3000 monthly post groups.

I think some tools for that are missing – there’s no “export Community” button, for example – and there’s a lot of confusion over ‘‘what’’ to do, ‘‘when’’, or ‘‘how’’.

The Google+ Mass Migration Community (2,300 members since 8 October) is the largest I know of on Google+ itself dealing with this problem, and we’re collecting and organising information on contacts, practices, possible destinations, Google tools, and more.

With the voice and members of larger communities, the whole G+ Mass Migration effort has more sway. We’re 2,300 voices now, it would be Really Nice to say “hi, we’re representing about 50,000 (or 500,000, or 5 million) Google+ users, we’re looking for a new home, and we’d like to talk Features and Stuff We Care About with you”.

There is power in numbers and unity, that’s an attractive pull, and can make things happen, especially representing multiple engaged and cohesive groups.

Would you be interested in getting the word out about Google+ Mass Migration:

If you’re a mod or owner, engage with your members, if you’re a member, recruit your moderator(s) and community owners.

And the #PlexodusWiki, which has been getting populated with information detailing goals, plans, schedules, data migration, and potential target platforms. It is agnostic to destination, and doesn’t pretend to speak for all Google+ users and groups, but to help each in their own process of moving communities forward.


How to Plan an Exodus:
Exodus Planning and Scheduling:
Data Migration Process and Considerations:
The text of this post should be a good template or copy or adapt for posting to your communities.

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