Anyone facing double spacing issues lately?

Any solution to it?

Thank you!

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Had to remind myself how to rename a label today to move it to the top of a list.

Click Edit or Create New Label

In the dialog box that appears, click the Pencil, which is actually named the Rename tool if you hover over it.

If you want a Label to appear at the top of your list, put an underline at the beginning of the label.

After editing one Label's name, press Enter.

You can rename another label now.

When done with all Label editing, click Done.

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Should users be able to lock there notes with pin, pattern, fingerprint?
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Add ability to lock notes via fingerprin
Nah thats dumb

I use Keep a lot, but I miss undoing.
A CTRL + Z is missing.

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Does the Android app for Google Keep support pinning items? I couldn't find it.

Has anyone the same issue as me.

Google Keep tasks keep automatically completing themselves in Google calendar. I am using Android O developers preview on a Pixel XL

(sorry for my bad English, a blond woman from the Netherlands)

The last 6/8 weeks I've big problems with my Keep - the Reminders don't (all) show up anymore. I've tried several different ways of making a note with reminder, but I can't find out where the problem is.

At this moment I go everyday to the Reminders and put them out of the archive, so I don't forget the todo's.

Know I'm trying 4 different other todo-apps, but there is no other or better app as Goggle Keep.

Someone else the same problem? and a solution?
Grtz, Gerdie
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