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NYP Manifestos

Nigeria is our country, we the youth have watched things from the chair for so long and things refused to get better rather it keep getting bad.
We love our Country and we have come to realize that this is the only country we have and we can't run away and to that effect we have come to save our country from decay.

Nigeria Youth Party is a party of young men and women who have taken it upon themselves to run the affairs of this Country taking into consideration that the people is the source of power.
NPY will promote the interest of the citizens in all sectors. The education sector will be highly invested in, to ensure that every child has access to quality education

NYP will identify the strength of Nigeria being the most populous African country and invest the Human resources thereby eradicating poverty to the lowest minimum.
NYP will revive the agricultural sector and boost the economy of the country that will ensure a strong currency.

NYP will ensure the practice of true federalism, separation of power and active participation of the citizens in the affairs of the government.
Nigeria Youth Party has come to give Hope to the Hopeless Nigerians, we have come to give future to the generations yet unborn.

How can we achieve this, it is by you Nigerians voting for Nigeria Youth Party.
We are not asking for much rather just try us for 4 years and if don't perform don't return us.

Nigeria today is as a result of mindset, speeches and actions of the past. Our present leaders are being guided by so many negative experiences, religious differences, ethnic bigot and tribalism.
This is what they intend to pass to the new generation leaders.
NYP says, no to transfer of leadership from the debt of formed mindset which are grieves, bitterness, disappointment, religious, tribalism and ethnic bigot.
To create a better future, NYP says leadership revolution. Let the youth build the nation on unity; clear conscience. To get a better future, let there be youth revolution a clear mindset.

1. NYP places a greater Value on every Nigeria
It is obvious the current system does not value human lives. Too many careless death; death traps everywhere; highway pothole that can be fixed, ditches on the street that can be blocked, police careless shooting that can be stopped, bad medical system that can be improved, continuous kidnapping and ritual killings that can be discovered and eradicated, communal clashes that can be prevented by security forces, act of terrorism that can be counter with appropriate actions..
NYP will make the government accountable for the life of every single Nigerian. Careless death would be probed and punished.

2. Excellence is our standard
We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.”
NYP would launch excellence campaign nationwide.
Every act of mediocrity with project awarded would be totally condemned and punished. Excellence would be promoted in government sector, private sector and within the general public. Act of mediocrity would be duly monitored and resist from the nation.

3. A change of government to bring continuity
In the history of Nigeria, a change in government has always bring a setback to our country developments, projects awarded, businesses and individuals lives.
This will be a thing of the past as our executives will immediately pass into law; that projects or initiative from a previous government must be completed before introducing any new project or initiative by the new government.
Hence, it will be forbidden to tag any government project or initiatives with personal names at all arms of government (This action has always being the major threat to continuity of many government initiatives). We shall no longer be taken aback again by wasteful practices, selfish and greedy individuals.

4. Continuation of ongoing projects
As we have stated in the on point3 that project should not be abandoned by new government, we shall continue with current awarded projects, revisit all suspended and abandoned projects for a speedy completion.

5. LGA autonomous practice
Grassroots development has suffered for some many years because funds to the LGA are being squandered by the state government.
NYP executives will initiate the bill and speedily pass into law to make Local Government autonomous. With this, federal government can directly monitor and hold LGAs administration responsible of every fund disbursed; the people can boldly demand performance from LGA administrators.

6. Pension fund timely disbursement
Pension fund has always been an issue. Many of our parents died in penury while someone sits on their approved payment.
Automated pension disbursement system to be put in place by partnering banks. Pension payment will and must be disbursed to every pensioner within 7days. Failure to do so by the banks will attract appropriate sanctions

7. Accountability with a different approach (an approach to fight corruption in government)
The current practice, government officers are pardoned at every misappropriation or misconduct. Under NYP, we shall make every single individual accountable for their action. Every misconduct by any government officer would be regarded as failure to the head of the unit and shall be treated as such.
Let every head of unit (superior) be punished for lack incompetence of their subordinate, this would cause a drastic shift in the system

8. Everybody needs a lawyer
The masses are too vulnerable, vulnerable to government / law enforcement agents. Many are being harassed daily by dubious government agents. Under NYP, every single person will be mandated to have a lawyer. We shall engage Nigerian Bar Association on possible ways to make this come to reality.
Most direct abuse to general public by many government officials happens because of ignorance. NYP would launch a major awareness programme to educate Nigerians about their Rights, likewise launch a programme that would make every Nigerians have access to lawyers at an affordable cost.

9. Technology
NYP will implement latest technology to drive the economy. So many misappropriations can be checkmated with the use of latest technology.
We shall fully implement technology driven system to improve productivity and checkmate waste, misconduct and misappropriation.

10. NYP old people’s home (an initiative for aged people)
NYP will start and support initiative that will carter for old and aged people. Many old and aged people are left with no care. We shall use the initiative to care for them.

11. Youth Empowerment – wealth Distribution – Job Creation
NYP will launch an initiative that will engage and employ all eligible youth through a road / drainage infrastructural project nationwide. Every community’s road would be properly fixed (standard interlocking system). This initiative would aid wealth distribution nationwide.

12. Revolutionized the Judicial System



What do you think on party members decamping? A resolution to prevent any decamped member outright ban from the party or a resolution to prevent members from changing party

What is your definition of politician?

Who is a NYP candidate to you? If you are to recommend or endorse a candidate, what will be your yardstick for approval?

Would you support a cut-down of political office holder’s salaries and wages?

What would you recommend as take home for different office holders?
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