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Delphi Component Directory Closing Down
New posts will not be visible.

When I created the Delphi Component Directory, it was with the intent of having somewhere to go to look for components. The idea - as outlined in it's description - was that you created ONE entry for your component - and either kept it updated, or removed that entry and posted a new one.

It seems that nobody bothers with that, and a lot of people just use it as another place to cross posts their blogs and videos. Many such cross posts were just reshares, trapping them in the automatic spam filter, and I am getting tired of having to clean up that mess.

Hence, I am now closing down this community.

Instead - please add your components to Torry's Delphi Pages ( and post once in a while in Delphi Developers ( under the Third Party section, or under Blogs for videos and blog entries.

Thanks for contributing to our favorite tool!

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Good things come to those who used dbExpress., I spent 3 years time, finally let this set of updated drivers support RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin.

The first half of the content is in English, the second half is Chinese, please choose to read to read. Thank you!

Hope that useful to you.

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We just finished creating a set of videos showing how to create master/detail reports in our soon-to-be-released components Report Workshop. Several videos showing how to create two level reports using different ways, and a video showing how to create a complex report (linked to this post).
All these videos use SQL (a basic knowledge of SQL, at the level select A from B where C = D group by E, is needed). There are other ways to make master/detail reports (using TDataSetField, or using a relation between data sets established in an application) that are not shown.

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A major update for the TMS Cloud Pack for FireMonkey is available now!
What's new in v2.6:
- TTMSFMXCloudDataSet / TTMSFMXCloudDataAdapter: component that offers seamless TDataSet based data binding for cloud based data storage (TTMSFMXCloudCloudKit / TTMSFMXCloudGDataStore)
- TTMSFMXCloudHiDrive : component to get access to HiDrive cloud storage
- TTMSFMXCloudGDataStore : component for access to Google DataStore
- TTMSFMXCloudCloudKit : component for access to Apple CloudKit

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I just updated the Custom Container Pack sources to support Delphi XE8. It was mostly a matter of creating the packages for the “new” version. I also added XE8 to the file.

It now compiles and installs. I have not tested it extensively.

Custom Containers Pack (CCPack) is an integrated tool and component mini-library to produce and maintain composite controls (or simply “composites”) and other containers (forms, data modules and frames). The process of building composite components looks like ActiveForm and Frame creating, but the result is the native VCL component. You can create new composites just as usual forms.

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#ActiveQueryBuilder   #VCL  Edition 1.25 lets reorder query columns easy with multi-select and drag'n'drop in the Query Columns Grid. It now supports #RADStudio  XE8! 

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We're thrilled to announce the availability of TMS Pack for FireMonkey v3.0 with 3 new components! 
- New: TTMSFMXPlanner: a highly configurable planner / scheduler component
- New: TTMSFMXPassLock: control for capturing passwords on a keypad or circle pattern
- New: TTMSFMXRatingGrid: control for capturing ratings for different items or for presenting feature comparison lists:

For active registered users, login on our website, go to "My products" on our website and download the version 3.0 with the new TTMSFMXPlanner, TTMSFMXRatingGrid and TTMSFMXPasslock components. 
For evaluating users, a fully functional trial version for Delphi & C++ Builder XE5, XE6, XE7, XE8 can be downloaded at:
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Enhanced support for DirectX-based GUI frameworks (WPF, FireMonkey, etc) and new C++ native library
Since its beta release back in May, 2014 we’ve been working nonstop to consolidate and enhance Thinfinity® VirtualUI™, our Instant GUI Remoting and Web Integration solution for Windows applications.
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