Are PDF versions of the rules available? As an original copy of Melee and Wizard owner I am looking for material, this looks like something I can really enjoy.

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I finally have some hard copies of HOW! Looking forward to introducing my family and friends to this system and the land of Blackmarsh!!

At the rate I'm going now, we may be ringing in 2017 with HOW!

Big Thanks to Mr. Brandon & Mr. Conley for these fantastic items!!!

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My kids finally approached me about playing RPGs, and as the old proverb goes: when the student is ready, the teacher will appear :)
Here a species I'm working on. My son loves Wookiees in Star Wars but both my kids want to play Fantasy ( Woo Hoo) . So I'm trying to make a Wook type race that fits in to a fantasy enviroment.
I realize that it may be a little OP, but they have to be strong. As Captain Solo reminded C-3P0 Droids aren't know for pulling peoples arms out of there sockets, Wookiesss (Ghrawl) are .
Unless you august folk can help me balance it out a bit better ( which would be Greatly appreciated)
Well here's what I cobbled to gather last night.

No: 1d6 Behavior: Territorial (12)
ST: 25-30 Habitat: Forest, Mountains, Plains
DX: 13 AR: -2 (Fur)
IQ: 9 DM: 2d6 (Claws or Bite)
EN: 0 SP: Multiple
MV: 6 TR: 4

Ghrawl are a 7 ft. tall race of humanoids who are furry and bear like in appearance. Their features , short muzzle, black, brown or white fur . They are known to have a Strong and Stubborn nature. They tend to live in small clans. They value family and honor above all things, for a Ghrawl Blood is thicker than water, so Ghrawl Adventures are truly a rare sight out in the world. Typically they dress in simple cloth and leather garments that are easy to remove, repair, or replace. they prefer leather armor and light melee weapons. They are mostly known to be warriors, scouts, diplomats , generally magic use eschewed and is reserved for the rare few Ghrawl Shamans Scattered across the Ghrawl lands, and territories .

Bear Empathy: Ghrawl Communicate with bears and dire bears, and IQ+4 bonus on reaction test against bears and dire bears.

Ghrawl characters possess the following racial traits.
— ST+12, IQ+0, DX+0 No EN
—Size Medium.
—A Ghrawl's base MV is 6 (30 feet.)
—AR-2 (Fur)
—Dark vision out to 60 feet.
—Racial Skills: A Ghrawl character has a IQ+2 racial bonuses on Naturalist
—Automatic Languages: Ghrawl, Common. Bonus Languages: Elvish, Dwarf.
—Favored Class: Adventurer.

Sorry so quiet, had a brief medical situation , but am on the mend. No worries all is well. Thanks for playing and keep on gaming!

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Tons of atmosphere Tim and a great campaign!

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Things get bloody and generally icky during the latest games' night for the Tuesday Knights...

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I really dig the death dogs!!  I need to throw these into an adventure SOON! :)

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How about a free Egyptian themed adventure? dig it!


I have been looking through the Magi Carta and Terrors and Treasure books.  I am noticing that many different conditions that are referenced in OGL spells and monsters are mentioned throughout the rules. 
The Heal spell mentions that it can end adverse conditions "blinded, confused, dazed, dazzled, deafened, diseased, exhausted, fatigued, feebleminded, insanity, nauseated, sickened, stunned, and poisoned"

Doing a word search in a 3 pdfs does not turn up a location where conditions are actually defined. Does a single reference for conditions exist ?.

I'm guessing it does, but hasn't made it into any of the publications. I would love to see it.  It would make the rules feel more tied together.
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