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Translators needed for Ingress Bootcamp, can you help?
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In cheatsheet page,
Someone point this out to me,

This is my first read of the book. As an L12, I skimmed some sections on setup, but did read much of the content of 1.5.

I am impressed with the presentation of the detail in the book.  There are certainly a few things new I learned that I would like to explore more.

Comments: UltraStrikes. I find the history association with Droid interesting, but ... I don't have a droid and certainly have farmed plenty of UltraStrikes. I would keep the "Exclusive" text,  but think the rest should be reworked to remove the droid part. The text suggests to use them standing over a resonator. I tend to use them to clear away mods, particularly given the relative rarity of them.The wiki says: "Ultra Strikes are a type of exotic matter pulse weapon that cause intense, focused blast damage at a point (unlike the XMP Burster which causes moderate, wide-spread damage)" and also lists damage values.

Shields. Looks like the AXA is here to stay, so should be added.

I may have missed it - is the "speed limit" of 50kph mentioned anywhere ? I know that surfaces in our local training forum a couple of times a month, particularly with Hacking (Hack aquired no items). In the US there certainly is a lot of cargressing.

Teamwork - Mid level players 5+ should be thinking of upgrading resonators. After all ... as a L12 I must use 2+ L4 or less when deploying.

"When city is enemy controlled L7+ Agents go out and destroy" I think I would suggest that L5+ should be able to take out portals, especially weak ones. Certainly when I was L5 I would look for weak/unshielded ones mostly.


"drop everything below L5" - while I agree on weapons, you need L4 resonators to build/link. Yes, you can delay your hack after a partial deploy, but not optimal. and as a L12 - I still need to make fields (especially big tasty layer cakes :-) I find I mostly need to cull my L5&L6 resonators because those are the portals I have handy to farm.

I would like to see a page, perhaps after "Defensive", that reminds players that without an "enemy" the game would be rather dull.... I did have a couple of months this winter when the opposition was not active
and was considering letting portals decay just so I could get AP to build.. Not so much fun. (I made up for it with driving raids on other towns though). But a page that reminds people:
   * this is a game
   * be respectful of the opposition
   * joke over Com when your big field is taken out
might be a good thing. I have encountered more than a few people that take the opposition a bit too seriously  and talk of them as evil, and I don't think that is a good mindset.

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Something seems wrong here. 

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Don't Cheat At Ingress
and if you do then stay away from me

If you are cheating, stop.

Ingress is a location based virtual reality game. The player, their scanner, their one account: they all have to be at the portal when the buttons are getting pushed. Everything else is cheating, and defeats the purpose of the game.

Some common ways to cheat:
* Location spoofing
* Having multiple accounts
* Playing somebody else's account
* Having a program play (automation, bots)
* Scraping data

If you cheat, I'm sure you have your rationalizations that explain why it's not that bad. You are wrong. Your reasons suck. I don't want to play with you.

The #1 most popular rationalization is  "THE OTHER TEAM CHEATS!". Which is true, and irrelevant. Both teams have cheaters, with similar rates since the players come from the same population. The difference is when the other team cheats, that's their bad, but when you cheat, the stink of the cheating rubs off on everybody you play with on our team. It cheapens the genuine accomplishments of your teammates. Guilt by association is a thing in Ingress.

Some reasons not to cheat:
* Plenty of players on both sides take the game seriously and stick to the rules. Why are you disrespecting them?
* As mentioned, you make accomplices of your teammates without their consent.
* The rules define what's challenging. I could sit in my living room and run bots all over the world making 8s, fields, etc., but I wouldn't be playing Ingress. I'd be doing something else. Something dumb.
* Niantic isn't good at finding cheating. They have limited resources. So it's not even a challenging crime like Oceans 11. It's more like ding dong ditch.
* Niantic might get better at finding cheating and out/ban cheaters for past behavior. If I was Niantic security I would log everything and totally nail your ass someday.
* You might get caught by other players. The other team will laugh at you and think you're a loser. Every game action of yours past or future will be invalidated -- "yeah but he's a cheater!"
* If your own team finds out they might exile you. Community is a lot of the value of the game. Don't risk being shunned.
* If you don't cheat, you get to feel smugly superior when the other team cheats or when the other team accuses you of cheating.

I've recently learned that far more players than I would have guessed have multiple accounts. is problem. If that's you, I don't want to build together, I don't want to field together, I don't want to be in the same hangout or community. If I've heard your name, expect a difficult conversation which I will hate.

Or just, you know, stop cheating

If you have multiple accounts and you care about being in the same hangouts, ops, communities, let's fix the problem. Message me and say you just want to play one account. We can meet and delete the other(s).

If meeting me doesn't make sense, meet with some local community leader you know. Give them the account names you used. Explain how you used them. Delete the other accounts in their presence.

Then don't make another account. Please.

Ok. I am new to the boot camp. So what I am wondering is what agents are needing. Information on how to get max ap, while also building medals? Let me know. I am a A 11

Ingress Bootcamp has been 100% translated to Bahasa Indonesia!
However, it has not been completely proofread
Dear +Epi demik can we get compiled version of it so we can ask feedback from non-contributors?
Many Thanks! :)

I would love to translate to Swedish, i registred today so i'm ready to go ;)

Hello, I wanna start translation into Korean. I have registed on the web.

I heard Resistance leader of Korea tried translating, but it must be stopped.

Heren en dames,

Ik heb besloten te stoppen met het actief beoefenen van Ingress. Ik heb daar zo mijn redenen voor: ik heb nog veel andere doelen, heb een drukke baan, doe veel vrijwilligerswerk en de richting die Ingress ingeslagen is dwingt je er bijna een Way of Life van te maken - maar daar had ik er al een van.

Ik zal daarom zo ook uit de bootcampcommunity stappen. Ik ontvriend verder niemand, ga ook niemand die vragen heeft negeren maar spelen, nee, daar hou ik mee op. Met een notoire uitzondering: ik blijf portals submitten waar ik mij ook bevind. 

Ook zal ik de stickertjes plakken waar het nodig is, maar ik neem geen deel meer aan het capturen, defenden en rechargen.

Het is mooi geweest, hoe leuk het spelletje verder ook kan blijven.

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